SAR values ​​Xiaomi and Redmi: here are the values ​​of all the models

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Last updated: March 2023

When we talk about smartphones, a rather delicate subject concerns i SAR values, especially when it comes to Xiaomi (and Chinese companies in general). For those who do not know what we are talking about, "SAR" stands for "Specific Absorption Rate", or the specific absorption rate. This value indicates the amount of energy that our body absorbs when exposed to a electromagnetic field RF like the one generated by smartphones. In this article you can find the list of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone with relative values, officially reported by the same company and updated as they announce new ones.

Here are the SAR values ​​of all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

We remind you that in Europe there is a German body that regulates these values, namely the CENELEC (translated from French: European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization), which follows the IEC standards. On our continent the maximum limit set is of 2.0 W / kg measured on 10 grams of fabric. Measurements are taken by holding the smartphone next to the test dummy's ear and deliberately setting the values ​​to the maximum. That said, here is the list of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones with their respective SAR values:


Head (W / kg)Body (W / kg)
Xiaomi 130,9980,997
Xiaomi 13 Pro0,9980,998
Xiaomi 120,5960,998
Xiaomi 12 Pro0,5990,998
Xiaomi 12Lite0,5970,998
Xiaomi 12X0,5940,998
Xiaomi 12t0,9890,992
Xiaomi 12t pro0,9970,997
Xiaomi 110,5550,982
Xiaomi 11Ultra0,5470,991
xiaomi 11i0,5730,768
Xiaomi 11Lite0,5590,948
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G0,5550,889
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G0,5940,954
Xiaomi 11t0,5540,954
Xiaomi 11t pro0,5700,974
Xiaomi 100,6900,990
Xiaomi 10 Pro0,6900,990
Xiaomi 10Lite0,7931,180
Xiaomi 10t0,5740,996
Xiaomi 10t pro0,5740,996
Xiaomi 10T Lite0,5950,988
Xiaomi 91,3891,301
Xiaomi 9t1,3411,511
Xiaomi 9t pro1,3021,508
Xiaomi 9SE1,3851,385
Xiaomi 9Lite1,4201,400
Xiaomi 80,7011,662
Xiaomi 8 Pro0,9691,531
Xiaomi 8Lite0,7491,585
Xiaomi 60,4091,550
Xiaomi 50,3760,798
Xiaomi 5S0,7681,010
Xiaomi 5SPlus1,1621,470
Xiaomi 40,7060,848
xiaomi 4i0,5130,598
Xiaomi MIX 3 5G1,5571,577
Xiaomi MIX 31,4481,568
Xiaomi MIX 2S0,5421,590
Xiaomi MIX 20,3901,770
Xiaomi Note 101,1071,392
Xiaomi Notes 10 Pro1,1071,392
Xiaomi Note 10 Lite1,0111,385
Xiaomi Note 30,5021,544
Xiaomi Note 20,7841,381
Xiaomi Max 31,5841,417
Xiaomi Max 21,2200,710
Xiaomi Max0,4881,127
Xiaomi A30,3011,097
Xiaomi A20,9630,639
Xiaomi A2 Lite0,5471,473
Xiaomi A11,7500,760
Xiaomi play0,6681,512
Xiaomi pad 50,350-


Head (W / kg)Body (W / kg)
Redmi Note 12 5G0,6800,911
Redmi Notes 12 Pro 5G0,6800,911
Redmi Note 12 Pro + 5G0,6800,911
Redmi Note 110,5960,989
Redmi Notes 11S0,5940,876
Redmi Notes 11S 5G0,5960,997
Notes redmi 11 Pro0,5760,857
Redmi Notes 11 Pro 5G0,5960,956
Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G0,3760,798
Redmi Note 100,5950,969
Notes redmi 10 Pro0,5970,994
Redmi Notes 10S0,5990,904
Redmi Note 90,7951,138
Redmi Notes 9S0,7200,980
Redmi Note 9T0,5920,937
Notes redmi 9 Pro0,6621,021
Redmi Notes 8 (2021)0,5710,943
Redmi Note 8 (M1908C3JG)0,1911,034
Redmi Note 8 (M1908C3JH)0,1911,089
Redmi Note 8 Pro (M1908C3JG)0,1911,034
Redmi Note 8 Pro (M1908C3JH)0,1911,089
Redmi Notes 7 (M1901F7G)0,5911,274
Redmi Notes 7 (M1901F7H)0,5911,274
Redmi Note 6 Pro (M1806E7TG)0,7551,476
Redmi Note 6 Pro (M1806E7TH)0,5571,070
Redmi Notes 5 (M1803E7SG)1,2901,240
Redmi Notes 5 (M1803E7SH)1,1700,700
Redmi Note 5A0,6601,740
Redmi Notes 5A Prime0,5041,683
Redmi Note 40,7240,674
Redmi Note 4A0,7240,674
Redmi Notes 4X0,7240,674
Redmi Notes 3 (2015116)0,4900,499
Redmi Notes 3 (2015161)0,4160,598
Redmi Note 20,3420,452
Redmi S2 (M1803E6G)0,4291,577
Redmi S2 (M1803E6H)0,4291,450
Redmi 12C0,9790,994
redmi 100,5980,978
Redmi 10 5G0,5970,995
redmi 10 20220,5970,988
Redmi 10C0,5680,965
Redmi 10A0,3980,987
redmi 9T0,5970,807
redmi 90,7111,059
Redmi 9A0,3981,186
Redmi 9AT0,7801,030
Redmi 9C0,3550,779
Redmi 9CNFC0,3701,140
Redmi 8 (M1908C3IG)0,2311,480
Redmi 8 (M1908C3IH)0,2311,480
Redmi 8A (M1908C3KG)0,2311,480
Redmi 8A (M1908C3KH)0,2311,480
Redmi 7 (M1810F6LG)0,5771,251
Redmi 7 (M1810F6LH)0.5771,251
Redmi 7A (M1903C3EG)0.5771,166
Redmi 7A (M1903C3EH)0.5771,166
Redmi 6 (M1804C3DG)0.5501,417
Redmi 6 (M1804C3DH)0.6161,379
Redmi 6A (M1804C3CG)0.6561,523
Redmi 6A (M1804C3CH)0.4421,356
redmi 50.5291,527
Redmi 5 Plus1.0131,470
Redmi 5A0.5301,234
redmi 4 (2016060)0.7700,830
redmi 4 (2016090)0.3500,990
Redmi 4A0.5251,181
Redmi 4X (MAG138)0.5831,500
Redmi 4X (MAE136)0.3901,410
redmi 30.9040,562
redmi 3S0.4851,600
redmi 20.7010,703
Redmi A20,8970,997
Redmi A2 +0,7150,997
Redmi A10,8460,997
Redmi A1 +0,9120,997
Redmi Go (M1903C3GG)0.5791,497
Redmi Go (M1903C3GH)0.5791,497
Redmi Y30.5771,251


Head (W / kg)Body (W / kg)
POCO F4GT0,5920,960
POCO F30,5990,843
POCO F2 Pro0,5580,986
POCO F10,7891,031
POCO X5 5G0,5210,769
POCO X5Pro 5G0,9900,990
POCO X4 GT0,5960,997
POCO X4Pro 5G0,5960,956
POCO X3NFC0,5371,582
POCO X3 Pro0,5730,899
POCO X3 GT0,5850,940
POCO M50,5200,832
POCO M5s0,5970,870
POCO M4 5G0,5970,995
POCO M4 Pro0,5920,845
POCO M4 Pro 5G0,5940,999
POCO M30,5970,807
POCO M3 Pro 5G0,5930,895

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