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Xiaomi Leadcore: The low cost device shows (again) to TENAA

In mid-December I had brought you the news regarding the low-cost Xiaomi with 4G connectivity, which at the time appeared in the TENAA databases. This morning the infamous ...

Meizu Blue Charm - new image leaks online!

- No Blue - is the name of the new sub-brand that soon the company administered by Jack Wong will unveil to the world. You will not be amazed ...

Xiaomi: 4G low-cost smartphone certified by TENAA

That Xiaomi could have intended to present, for the 2015, a low-cost smartphone below the 500 Yuan (about 65 euro), we had ...

Xiaomi: Is 65 a 2015 smartphone in the XNUMX?

Today is the news according to which Xiaomi intends to present, in the 2015, a low-cost smartphone to the figure of only 500 Yuan ...