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Best Wireless Earbuds | Ranking August 2022

With the transition to Bluetooth 5.2, for some time now, there has been a turning point in the use of Bluetooth headphones and, more generally, earphones ...

Xiaomi conquers the top 3 of TWS headphones in the world

If you put smartphones aside for a moment, what is one of the best-selling tech products in the world? That's right, true headphones ...

Bokman O5 Plus review: the bluetooth headphones with the best autonomy

There are, by now, in an immeasurable quantity, but bluetooth headphones continue to conquer the market. Since the first models arrived ...

OPPO is preparing new TWS headphones

In addition to Realme, OPPO is also building a very large accessories park. Especially when it comes to true wireless headphones, with different models launched in the past months: the ...