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Bomaker Ondine II review: the 80W soundbar

In today's review we will not talk about smartphones or notebooks, but we will analyze an audio device, in more detail I refer to the soundbar ...

Review Blitzwolf BW-SDB0: the compact and economical soundbar

A category not particularly common when it comes to soundbar is that of compact soundbars. Usually this type of speaker has dimensions designed for ...

Review Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar: difficult to ask for better

If you know the Xiaomi brand you will know that we are talking about a company whose identity is made up of countless facets. In addition to the various smartphones, ...

Xiaomi, Bluetooth subwoofer under the tree?

It is not news that Xiaomi, one of the major smartphone manufacturers, has dedicated a lot of energy to expanding its core business in the name of gadgets ...