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On the actual existence of POCOPHONE F2 doubts still persist, even if lately it has begun to be talked about more insistently. The reason why it was assumed that a successor to the first model is to be found in the launch of the family Redmi K20, particularly Redmi K20 Pro. The concept of "top of the economic range" was taken from the latter, inheriting in a certain sense the purpose of POCOPHONE F1. But as mentioned, there are some clues that seem to confirm the arrival of a second model as well. Here, then, is everything we know so far about the technical data, price and availability.

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Design and construction

The aspect on which to save the most in a smartphone is aesthetics. Not by chance POCOPHONE F1 was not exactly the best phone around. And given that glass was used for Redmi K20, it cannot be excluded that POCOPHONE F2 is again equipped with a polycarbonate body. I do not expect a particularly premium device, therefore lacking in details such as IPXX certification or valuable solutions for construction.


Among these valuable solutions there is also the adoption of a full screen design, as seen - in fact - on Redmi K20. More likely, however, that POCOPHONE F2 has a more standard panel with notch to drop. Tuttavia, this official teaser could indicate just the opposite. Surely it will have a resolution Full HD +, while the technology should not be LCD but AMOLED, according to the rumors. A big step forward, therefore, although I expect it to not integrate a reader below the display. To save costs it is likely that there is a rear ID sensor, cheaper as well as practical.


At the beginning of the year POCO F2 was checked in the database of GeekBench with Snapdragon 855. And although Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855+ has also been made official, thelast appearance on the site sees the use of Snapdragon 845. That it could be a move by POCO by Xiaomi to further optimize costs? On the other hand, we are sure that no one would complain about the performance offered by the previous SoC.

Photo gallery

We still don't know anything about what the integrated photographic module will be on board POCOPHONE F2. Surely there will be at least one dual chamber, unless POCO does not want to do "big things", pushing to insert 3 sensors. The upgrade could be in the choice of the sensor, no longer delegated solely to the acquisition of depth but to act as wide-angle lens. To exclude, instead, the telephoto lens, usually relegated to high-end products.

Release Date

If we consider the release period of the first model, POCOPHONE F2 could be launched during the month of August 2019. For the moment there is nothing on the horizon yet, but we will not fail to update you in case of news.

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