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Lenovo A8-50 is official, let's discover it together!

As announced in a previous article, today the day has come for the presentation of a new tablet from Lenovo, or the LENOVO A8-50, a tablet ...

Cube Talk10, the 10.1 ″ tablet that can call!

Cube has released on the web the first images of its new Cube TALK10, a tablet from 10.1 inches that, like the other TALK products, ...

Cube TALK8, a tablet with smartphone functions

If you are tired of having to use, alternatively, tablet and smartphone, depending on the circumstances, and you are willing to use a single terminal that ...

Aoson M787T, 7,9 "iPhone 5S-style tablet

Presented last February, the Aoson M787T finally arrived on the market at the price of 799 Yuan (about 105 euros) complete with first images ...

Vido M3C, a “Cheap & Chic” IPad Mini-clone for only 82 €

Often our articles, you may have noticed, are more focused on mobile devices. Small smartphones, Big-phones, 8-cores, 4G LTE ... are the phones, sorry, the ...

PHOTOSPY: Cube Talk T3, the first image emerged on the network

A presumed rendering of the future tablet of the Cube Talk line emerged along with a series of specifications. We're talking about the Cube Talk T3 ...