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JiaYu S2, G3C and G4C, TAGLIATO price on eJiaYu.it

Despite the sales season is still far away, we are pleased to be able to inform you that on www.eJiaYu.it the price of the JiaYu S2 topgamma and ...

JiaYu G3C, is it still a bargain at 2 years since launch?

Many of the manufacturers quickly switch from one device to another, often leaving their old models on the back burner. Not JiaYu though that at 2 ...

JiaYu G4S 8-core and JiaYu G3C, CRAZY PRICES on eJiaYu.it

We have been waiting a long time for these 2 phones to arrive on our market: JiaYu G4S, the good old JiaYu G4 whose lines are not ...

JiaYu G3C low-cost quad-core available today on eJiaYu.it

It is appropriate to say "sometimes they come back", yes because what is now available on eJiaYu.it is one of the smartphones that, ...

SURVEY: What is the JiaYu smartphone you are waiting for?

It is time for launches and new releases and in recent weeks JiaYu has announced the arrival on the market of several of its new smartphones: the low-cost ...

JiaYu G3C, the G3 with new life thanks to the Mediatek MT6582

Repeating what was already done for the JiaYu G4C, JiaYu decided to upgrade its JiaYu G3 with lower price and better specifications: ...