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Gree G011, the CEO cuts down sales forecasts

Some of you will probably remember the impudence with which the adm. Gree mobile delegate Dong Mingzhu spoke to reporters' microphones during the event ...

Gree G011 shows itself in new High Resolution photos!

Despite appearing in an innumerable amount of leaks, it seemed about to be commercialized, the first device of the newborn Gree company, the Gree ...

Gree G011 arrives on the market at an "off market" price

After the many positive opinions collected in these months, the first terminal of Gree Mobile would have to arrive on the market - the question is: ...

Gree G0111 - AntiRedmi shows itself on the screen switched on!

Exactly four days have passed since the first Gree start-up device visited the TEENA offices - its certification, ...

Gree G0111 certified by TEENA with Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor

Last week we showed you some exclusive images of the future smartphone of the company Gree and here are the complete specifications of the device online. The...