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Among the various online stores that deal with electronics, GeekBuying it is one of the most popular and appreciated. This is a pretty good option when looking for smartphoneaccessories and anything else that belongs to the tech category. Especially if you consider the convenience of the Asian market when it comes to this type of device.

Products and categories

GeekBuying offers a rather vast database, whether we are talking about smartphones or various gadgets. On the left side of the home page there is a column that shows us all the categories present, namely the following:

Prices and methods of purchase

As for all online stores, compared to the purely Asian market prices are more or less higher. This is for the costs of imports, assistance and so on. However, these are rather low prices and most often cheap compared to other platforms. Especially during holidays like the Black Friday and Singles Day, during which there are myriads of discounts on the proposed catalog.

Coupons, offers and discounts

First of all, we invite you to join the official Telegram channel di GeekBuying Italia. This channel is managed by the staff of GizChina in direct collaboration with the store and here you will find all the offers updated in real time.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on GeekBuying offers (but not only), you can do it comfortably via GizDeals Group. This Telegram channel offers many options, helping you to make your purchases. Here you can find numerous coupons and discounts in real time, in addition to daily support with advice on purchases. Here's what you can do on GizDeals Group:

  • require for the products that interest you;
  • receive assistance for your purchases;
  • benefit from exclusive offers for the group;
  • receive in preview the most interesting proposals;
  • interact with it staff for tips and suggestions.


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Depending on the product chosen on GeekBuying, they may be available up to 3 warehouses Recommended, or ChinaHong Kong e Italy. Identifying them is very simple: once you have chosen the object to buy, among the options we will see various words, as you can see in the image below. No initials indicate the Chinese warehouse, while "HK" and "IT" indicate the respective countries.

Also in the image below, you also see the words "DE" and "ES", that is German warehouse e Spanish. However, these options are to be evaluated only in the event that Italy is absent.

geekbuying warehouses

1) Warehouse China

In case the Chinese warehouse is selected, the shipment to choose is the EU Priority Line, with times of 8-25 working days. This is the equivalent of the Italy Express by GearBest since it is exempt from customs duties. It has no price limits and can therefore also be present for products of low value.

However, the products in the database are not available to everyone. In case it is absent, you can choose the Registered Airmail (15-30 working days). This type is free and the probability of paying the customs is low, although not exempt to 100%. Choosing DHL will shorten the deadlines but increase the chances of paying customs.

geekbuying shipments

2) Hong Kong Warehouse

If the chosen product comes from Hong Kong, there are two circumstances. In fact, even here the HKEU Priority Line, a sort of Italy Express that will allow us to avoid customs fees. The timing is around 15-25 working days.

geekbuying expedition hkeu priority line

In the event that the aforementioned is absent, the shipping options are divided between Registered AirmailDHL Economy e HKDHL Express. For some products you may find the option TNT instead of DHL. In this case the option to choose depends on how much you want to spend and wait to receive the package. However, the odds of paying i customs duties are present.

geekbuying free registered airmail dhl

3) Warehouse Italy

Obviously the most favorable shipping for us Italian users is that from Italy warehouse. By choosing this option, compared to a higher cost of the product, the package is delivered by Bartolini. If the weight of the package is above average (maybe you have purchased a robot vacuum cleaner) then it will be delivered by DHL.

geekbuying shipments


1) Warehouse China or Hong Kong

You have made a purchase from warehouse in China or Hong Kong and the product needs to be sent in warranty? In this case you will have to send at your own expense the parcel in China. On this page find all the information regarding the management of the guarantee, the validity of 12 months.

2) Warehouse Italy / Spain / Germany

If, on the other hand, you have bought from an Italian warehouse, things get more positive. During the purchase it will be necessary to flag the option "Add Italy Local Return Service to your order". By doing so with a small surcharge you will be entitled to 12 mesi di garanzia with love. or, if necessary, in Germany. This rule also applies to purchases in Spain and Germany: by selecting this option the package can be sent back to Spain or Germany.

geekbuying warranty italy

In the event that you encounter problems with GeekBuying, you can rely on third-party repairers. Among these you can contact TechRepair, an assistance center specialized in Asian brands.


If the product arrives damaged, not working or is not what you ordered, you should contact GeekBuying within 2 days since his arrival. You will need to provide photos, videos and documentation of the case as indicated on the appropriate page. The shipment will be charged to the store. In case you do not like the product, you can send it back within 7 days. In this case the shipment will be at your expense.

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