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When it comes to online stores, GearBest is one of the best known names among enthusiasts and non. China has always represented theEldorado for all those who are looking for smartphones and gadgets poco or not at all widespread on the Italian territory. All favored by far lower prices to our local stores, given the facilitated taxation for the Asian market.

Unfortunately, however, Asian stores often prefer to rely on the offline market and, if online, limited to their own borders. Historically, in fact, the people of the East do not welcome the entry of Westerners into their economy. Leaving aside possible philosophical and / or political discourses, here come to our aid realities such as, precisely, GearBest. The purpose of these platforms, in fact, is to create a bridge between the Asian market and Western users.

Products and categories

GearBest offers a rather nourished database, primarily in the smartphone but not only, indeed. On the left side of the home page there is a column that shows us all the categories present, ie the following:

gearbest xiaomi

Prices and methods of purchase

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, GearBest it is considered an intermediary between the Chinese market and the western public. Obviously this has a cost: the prices offered by the store at the launch of a product are often higher than the official prices in China. This difference is most often contained and the costs are still lower than those that can be found, for example, on Amazon, eBay and international resellers.

In short, i prices they turn out rather affordable, especially during the holidays. Among these stand out on all the Black Friday and Singles Day, during which the applied discounts are decidedly important.

Coupons, offers and discounts

If you would like to stay updated on GearBest offers, you can do it comfortably via GizDeals Group. This Telegram channel offers many options, helping you to make your purchases. Here you can find numerous coupons and discounts in real time, in addition to daily support with advice on purchases. Here's what you can do on GizDeals Group:

  • require for the products that interest you;
  • receive assistance for your purchases;
  • benefit from exclusive offers for the group;
  • receive in preview the most interesting proposals;
  • interact with it staff for tips and suggestions.


GearBest offers - GizDeals - Smartphone offers


Another aspect that has always distinguished itself GearBest and the Italy Express. We are talking about the shipment dedicated to Italy without customs duties. Unfortunately at the end of 2017 this typology was quite a dancer, with the store that has come to delete it for logistical reasons. However, we do not exclude that it may return, so we will update this page if this possibility occurs.

    • Available for any objects under the 25 dollars (GLS shipping) and / or above the 2 kg (Bartolini expedition)
    • The weight rule is applicable to the individual product: buying multiple smartphones at the same time, for example, is not valid
    • Timing of about 8-18 working days
    • Il cost it's usually free or around the 1 / 2 euros

    • Available for any object without restrictions
    • Il cost it usually amounts to around a few euros. In periods with many shipments, it could increase.
    • The costs of customs could be applied
    • Various options with time variables depending on the warehouse

gearbest shipments

    • Shipping via DHL
    • Available for any object without restrictions
    • Il cost is around the 8 / 15 euro
    • Timing of 3 / 7 working days
    • The costs of customs will be applied

gearbest shipments

    • Shipping without tracking by mail
    • Free
    • Timing variables

gearbest shipments

EU warehouses

Fortunately at the end of 2017 GearBest has decided to focus on EU warehouses. These warehouses, in addition to not predict customs duties, allow us to take advantage of the shipment Italy Expressno longer provided for products from China or Hong Kong. We can find it under the category Priority Linecost that is between the 5 and the 10 euro. The timeinstead, they amount to about 3-10 working days. Shipments are also present Registered Air Mail ed Expedited Shipping, also free of customs duties.

Which stock to choose?

In this table you will find the abbreviations that distinguish the warehouses that provide for the shipment of Italy Express.


The discourse related to the warranty varies depending on the site from which it was purchased. In case the product has been bought through gearbest.com is valid for 12 months. If instead the object comes from it.gearbest.com is valid for 24 months. In both cases the shipment is charged to the customer.

In case you experience problems with GearBest and / or you can rely on third-party repairers. Among these you can contact TechRepair, an assistance center specialized in Asian brands.


If the product arrives damaged or not working, you can return it within 7 days. GearBest will send you a new unit, as well as refund shipping costs. This option is also available within 45 days, but in this case the shipment will not be reimbursed.

If instead the product works but you want to return it for any reason, you have 30 days of time. In this case the shipping cost will not be refunded and it will be necessary that the item is in its original packaging and has not been opened and used.

smartphone repair

Customer support and assistance

As reported on the official websiteGearBest offers support to those who have or are about to make purchases. This covers any problems related to accounts, shipments, payments, pre-sales, withdrawal and warranty. It is possible to access it open a ticket using the appropriate panel, use live chat on the site o on Facebook.


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