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OnePlus will close the physical stores in Beijing and Shanghai

While other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo are opening real physical stores in China, OnePlus is doing the opposite ....

Xiaomi will focus on off-line sales in the future

In the ranking of the Top 5 Chinese smartphone manufacturers of the last quarter, Xiaomi was pushed out by other companies in the sector such as OPPO and Vivo. These...

Xiaomi opens sales in South Korea at physical stores

After deciding to temporarily withdraw from the Brazilian market, Xiaomi has decided to play a new card in South Korea: selling its ...

Meizu officially lands in Italian physical stores

Do you remember that in January of the current year some Meizu devices were spotted in some Unieuro retailers in Naples? Well, the possibility of ...

What will be the real price of Meizu M1 Notes?

In our articles we often mention the cheapness of the devices produced by Chinese companies. The prices reported by us, however, are usually reserved for the internal market only and not ...