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When it comes to Asian telephony one of the main names is Xiaomi. A brand that today is no longer just a niche, but a consolidated reality and officially present in Europe. Compared to other competitors, one of the biggest advantages is to propose various models in all price ranges. Without considering the usually excellent rapporto qualità / prezzo offered. But Xiaomi is not just a smartphone, but also accessories. Many, many products are present on the Asian market and not, thanks to the numerous collaborations with companies and start-ups.

Founded the April 6 2010 from an idea of Lei Jun, has its headquarters in the Haidian District of Beijing, China. The name literally means "millet", or "millet" or also "little rice". In this old interview the CEO specified that there are more interpretations. The one he gave sees the "Xiao"Approached the concept that"a single grain of rice of a Buddhist is as big as a mountain". While "Mi"Can be associated with the acronym of"Mobile Internet" but also "Impossible mission"

The first smartphone, the I 1S, was released in August 2011 and to it were followed by dozens of different models. Since then the fate of "Chinese Apple"They turned out to be pretty positive, with hundreds of millions of products sold all over the world.

Xiaomi logo

Mitu, the company mascot

One can not speak of Xiaomi without mentioning Mitu. Yes, the mascot of the company is a humanoid rabbit usually represented wearing a fur hat with a red star. In fact, initially Xiaomi should have been called "Red Star Technology", Then replaced name due to copyright issues. This because of the existence of "Red Star Erguotou", A famous Chinese alcoholic beverage.

Furthermore, this symbol has been repeatedly subject to political disputes, given any links to Soviet currents of thought. Beyond all this, Mitu has seen numerous representations, even in the form of puppet and Bluetooth speaker. And not a small anime is missing, available on YouTube.

xiaomi mitu

Guide to smartphones

Redmi series

As anticipated, Xiaomi's offer is quite varied. The models belonging to the mid / low range are part of the Redmi series. And after years, the company has decided to officially detach and become a real sub-brand, such as Huawei / Honor, OPPO / Realme and Vivo / iQOO.

The Redmi smartphones are characterized by a functional technical sheet, without too many frills but that goes straight to the point, focusing on performance e battery. Below are the various devices, updated with each new release.

review xiaomi redmi notes 5

Mi Series

Moving on the middle and high range we find the Mi series. This includes the various flagship of the company, as well as additional models with special features such as Mi Note, Mi Max and Mi MIX. Being top of the range (or almost), the technical specifications include high-end chipsets Snapdragon, large amounts of memory and camera performance.

review xiaomi me 8

Sub-brand of Xiaomi

The 2018 saw the birth of 3 sub-brand by the company. As with accessories, Xiaomi takes smaller but valid realities under its wing, sponsoring its work in return, of course, for revenues and so on. In addition to the aforementioned Redmi, we are talking about Black Shark e POCO by Xiaomi, two realities with different targets. If the first is addressed to the gaming industry, the second aims to propose its own flagship killer.

xiaomi pocophone f1

Guide to tablets

Even if today that of gods tablet is a segment of the rather stagnant market, not lacking the numbered proposals Xiaomi. This range is nicknamed Mi Pad, monicker who gave not a few problems to society regarding marketing outside its borders.

Guide to notebooks

And if the tablet sector is today almost dying, so it's not for the gods notebook. A rather complex sector but in which Xiaomi has proven to be able to say its own, especially thanks to rather aggressive prices (at least in China). The names of the Air and Pro series, in addition to the inspired design, can only recall the aesthetics of the Apple house.

Xiaomi I 13.3 notebook review

SAR values

A rather delicate subject in the smartphone field concerns i SAR values. The acronym "SAR"Indicates the word"Specific Absorption Rate", That is, the specific absorption rate. This is the value indicating the amount of energy that the human body absorbs when exposed to an RF electromagnetic field, such as that generated by smartphones. If you are interested in knowing the SAR values ​​of your Xiaomi smartphone, you can consult our dedicated article.

Xiaomi smartphone list with SAR values

xiaomi values ​​sar

Guide to MIUI

One of the most appreciated aspects of Xiaomi smartphones is the MIUI. This is the proprietary software interface, rather distant from the Google stock experience but not penalizing for this. Indeed, this offers numerous features and additional apps, in addition to a deep integration with home automation accessories and devices. However, being a firmware primarily designed for the Chinese territory, there are some important differences to know.

How to recognize and remove a "farlocca" MIUI

  • China: the main ROM, designed for Chinese users and consequently without Google services, due to government restrictions. Moreover, the available languages ​​are mainly Chinese and English, there are many apps that are unusable in Italy and the notifications are managed in a more limited way.
    • Stable: the version that we find in smartphones sold officially. Being the main firmware, the bugs are usually absent and greater stability is guaranteed. In place of the Play Store we find the Mi App Store.
    • Developer Weekly: the beta version, that is less stable and with more bugs, but at the same time is updated weekly every Thursday and includes news and additions that subsequently arrive on the Stable.
    • Developer Nightly: the "experimental" beta version, updated every day but still less stable and only recommended to insiders or geeks.
  • Global: since Xiaomi sells millions of smartphones all over the globe, an official ROM has been developed that is suitable for international countries. Here, then, that we find the Google services and related Play Store, as well as numerous languages ​​including Italian. As expected, the release of these firmware for new smartphones takes place weeks after their launch.
    • Stable: as for China, this is the main version, basically free of bugs and with such stability as to guarantee its correct functioning in everyday life.
    • Beta: the version that precedes by a few weeks the release of the Stable, with updates every Thursday, new features but a lower stability.



Unofficial modding and ROM

Here there is a parenthesis that greatly disturbed the community. At the beginning of 2016, in fact, Xiaomi decided to resize the modding phenomenon, after years of "anarchy" in this regard. The software team found itself forced to block the bootloader of their smartphones, first with Redmi Note 3 and then applying the new rules to all models.

This means that for install unofficial ROMs it is now necessary to unlock. Specifically, the bootloader is a program that, every time the device is started, checks that the operating system is the one expected and, if the answer is "no", it will block the power on.

Fortunately, Xiaomi has decided not to put a total veto but still allow the request for unlock the bootloader. This is not a very fast operation but it is still possible.

Unlock Xiaomi bootloader: our guide

Thanks to this possibility, online there are many options regarding the Unofficial ROMs: here are the main ones.

  • Xiaomi.eu: unofficial European version of MIUI China with weekly updates, addition of Google services, removal of superfluous apps, graphic and non-graphic optimization and the addition of absent European languages, including Italian.
  • MIUI.it: unofficial Italian version, this is a translation of MIUI China and presents almost the same changes as Xiaomi.eu.

xiaomi eu

Xiaomi and 20 band: what it is and what it implies

An always thorny topic in Xiaomi is related to the 20 band. With this term we refer to the band ad 800 MHz used by telephone operators for connectivity LTE 4G. Being this band unused in China, almost all of them cinafonini it does not integrate it, even if the chipset used would allow it.

This is because the unlocking of the 20 band would entail a higher cost for the company in the production of the smartphone, given the royalties to be paid to the owners of the relative patents.

This band is mainly used for coverage in rural areas e in buildings. Although it is the slowest 4G band of all, it is in fact the one with the best diffusion capacity. Users are the most penalized wind, since this operator uses it as the main band. However, the merger with 3 Italia it could improve this aspect. Customers too Vodafone e TIM they are affected by this lack, albeit in a minor way, unlike those 3 Italia, since it does not use this band.

Obviously this does not mean that if you are in an area covered by 20 band you will be obliged without signal. In this case, the smartphone will rely on 3G frequencies (if any), with such low speeds but still guaranteeing minimum use.

Which Xiaomi smartphones have the 20 band?

lte 4g 20 band

Xiaomi Italy

Il 2018 was the year of the debut of Xiaomi in Italy, after years and years of waiting by the local community. Consequently, the company decided to make its debut with the opening of the first We Store ad Arese, in the province of Milan, which was followed by several others. For those not familiar, the Mi Store is a dedicated store in which to find not only smartphones, but also products and accessories of various molds (here the complete list).

Where to buy Xiaomi in Italy: buying guide

They could not miss partnership with the main telephone operators, that is TIM, Wind, 3 Italia e Fastweb. Alternatively, you can buy Xiaomi smartphone also at MediaWorld, Carrefour, Trony, Auchan, Esselunga, Coop, Hyper, Iperal, Panorama and Il Gigante.

If you would like to become part of the Xiaomi universe, we invite you to join in the Mi Community, a portal in which to interact with other fans of the brand (and not).


xiaomi store milan italy 26 may

Assistance and Guarantee

One advantage of the landing of Xiaomi in Italy is the presence of numerous assistance centers, scattered throughout Italy. These are truly numerous and present in almost all the provinces. On the site you can find thecomplete list, with addresses and opening hours. Also on the site of Xiaomi Italy is reported the full regulation for the warranty on the various types of product.

xiaomi italy

Prices: differences with China

always Xiaomi It is synonymous with convenience. In reality, this is particularly true for those who live in China. The prices announced at the launch of a new product, in fact, are valid only for the mother country. This concerns both accessories and smartphones, even if the price differences they affect the latter more.

To give you an example, the lower variant of the Mi 6 was officialized in April at 2199 yuan, about 297 euro at the current exchange rate. However, during the first days of online marketing it could be found around the 450 euro, well above the Chinese price.

If we were to divide the Xiaomi series by price, in the low-cost range we obviously find the series Redmi. Going up a few tens of euros we find the series Redmi Note, with larger dimensions and specifications usually improved. Going further we find the Mi series, subdivided further according to the price. Initially we find particular ranges like I Max e Mi Note, then go up to Mi e We MIX, or the series flagships.

xiaomi price

Xiaomi offers

In recent months we have launched GizDeals Group. In this Telegram group we help you with your Xiaomi and non-Xiaomi online purchases on eBay, Amazon, GearBest and so on. Here you will find numerous coupons and offers like these in real time, in addition to daily support with advice on what and where to buy. Here's what you can do on GizDeals Group:

  • require coupon for the products that interest you;
  • receive assistance for your purchases from Chinese (and not) stores;
  • benefit from some exclusive offers for the group;
  • receive in preview the most interesting proposals from China;
  • interact with the staff for advice and suggestions.


gizdeals - offers - gearbest - amazon - ebay

Accessories and home automation: a vast universe

During the years Xiaomi it became known to the public not only for the production of smartphone, but also for the almost endless launch of products with the most varied uses. We move from the simplest complementary accessories to smartphones and notebooks up to more absurd objects.

And it is perhaps this huge ecosystem of products that has made Xiaomi the reality it is today. The will of support the customer (and profit, of course) in all respects, providing a range of products at 360 °. Think of an object ... Did you do it? Here, surely Xiaomi has made one! Seriously, where have we already seen this philosophy? Exact, Apple. It is no coincidence, therefore, that Xiaomi is often approached the Californian apple. If you want to have a small idea of ​​the quantity of products put on the market by the company read this article.

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