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Redkey W12 review: a (almost) perfect floor cleaner!

Taking a look at all the household cleaning products sold online we find a myriad of different types of devices. Some are highly ...

Redkey P6 review: a vacuum cleaner bomb for less than 60 €

It is not one of those smart products, nor does it fall into the category of cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners, but the Redkey P6 still manages to stand out ...

Redkey F10 review: the foldable smart vacuum cleaner

The electric broom market is constantly expanding and now there are models for all tastes: those that wash and vacuum, those ...

Clean effortlessly with the Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner

Although the latest generation vacuum cleaners have simplified the life of many, it is not always possible to get anywhere. And it's for ...

Redkey F10 is the foldable vacuum cleaner that removes fatigue

It's been a long time since vacuum cleaners made their debut, from the first wired and heavy to the current and light wireless. Evolution ...