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In the world of Asian telephony OnePlus represents a kind of case history. Unlike almost all the producers in circulation, in fact, the brand is known for launching very few models a year, all of which are high-end. His birth took place in a peculiar way, as it started as a sort of OPPO rib and then became an entity in itself.

The company was born in December 16 2013 from the hands of Pete Lau, formerly OPPO executive, e Carl Pei, known among the experts for having first worked in the management of Nokia, Meizu and OPPO. From this duality this idea arises, under the aegis of BBK Electronics, whose name is inspired by the very first model.

Oneplus one

This was it OnePlus One, made famous for combining an extremely low price (269 / 299 €) and high-end features, enough to coin the now abused term "flagship killer". But not only: OPO was the first Chinese smartphone to invest in alternative software, namely CyanogenMod. Since at the time it was just a startup, OnePlus decided to rely on a controversial invitation system. Without one of these it was not possible to access the sale, apparently an absurdity for the standard market dynamics.

From the 2015 onwards, OnePlus production has focused exclusively on the high-end segment, albeit with prices that are on average lower than the competition. The only exception was OnePlus X which, in the 2015, aimed at the mid-range segment, but since then the company has decided to shelve this project.

Guide to smartphones

As anticipated, OnePlus stands out from all the other competitors to propose aonly range of smartphone, in full Apple style. With the above-mentioned OnePlus X removed, all the models launched over the years have been the successors of OnePlus One. Starting with the 2016 there was a slight change of course, with the introduction of the T range. However, this is not a different series, but rather an upgrade of the model presented at mid-year. A more substantial change has occurred in the 2019, when OnePlus decided to also add a Pro model with more premium features.


In addition to smartphones, OnePlus also offers its customers various accessories, although we cannot talk about a real ecosystem. In addition to classic products such as covers, films and magazines there are also items such as Bluetooth / wired headphones and the Explorer Backpack.

oneplus 2 wireless bullets

SAR values

Unlike Xiaomi, OnePlus (like many other manufacturers) does not officially indicate the SAR values ​​of its smartphones. The acronym "SAR"Indicates the wording"Specific Absorption Rate", Ie the specific absorption rate. This is the value indicating the amount of energy that the human body absorbs when exposed to an RF electromagnetic field, such as that generated by smartphones.

That said, some teams have measured and collected the values ​​of some models, listed below:

  • OnePlus 5 - 1.39 W / kg (head) - 1.48 W / kg (body)
  • OnePlus 5T - 1.68 W / kg (head) - 1.71 W / kg (body)
  • OnePlus 6 - 1.33 W / kg (head) - 1.38 W / kg (body)
  • OnePlus 6T - 1.55 W / kg (head) - 1.26 W / kg (body)
  • OnePlus 7 - 1.11 W / kg (head) - 1.38 W / kg (body)
  • OnePlus 7 Pro - 1.19 W / kg (head) - 1.39 W / kg (body)

values ​​sar

Guide to OxygenOS

If OnePlus is so much appreciated, most of the credit goes to the management of the software component. Unlike Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO (to say a few names), the OnePlus approach was very different from the start. The first OnePlus One was equipped with Cyanogen OS and, also following a dispute in India with Micromax, the development of a proprietary interface was started. This was called OXYGEN for the western market, while the HydrogenOS was the version dedicated to the Asian one.

In both cases, however, the OnePlus OS has always been directed towards the world of custom ROMs, offering a wide range Customization, some flexibility in the world of modding and a preference for ensuring high performance and a UI tending to Android stock. OnePlus has been running the program for some time now Open Beta, with which to provide more experienced users ed afecionados the latest features in exchange for its beta testing.

oxygenos logo oneplus

OnePlus and 20 band: what it is and what it implies

Whenever we talk about smartphones from China, there is always a parenthesis that concerns the support or not of the 20 band. Fortunately, with the merger of Wind and 3 Italy, this parameter took second place. However, by selling officially in Italy, our smartphones do not suffer from any problems in this respect. The same can be said for the Asian counterpart, which also has 800 MHz frequency support.

lte 4g 20 band

OnePlus Italia

Since the first OnePlus One, the company's intention has been to work on a global scale. TO half 2014 official sales were started in the online market in Italy, initially only on the official store and later also on Amazon. And like any self-respecting brand, one is not missing Italian community on which to share your feedback and read others.


Assistance and Guarantee

Being present in all respects on Italian soil, all products purchased from OnePlus Italia are guaranteed by 2 years. Besides that, the really interesting news is the confirmation of the support also to those who buy from China. That's why OnePlus has confirmed the existence of official guarantee for smartphones purchased from GearBest e BangGood. Unlike the Italian one, this is valid 1 year: we have talked about it in full in the dedicated article.

OnePlus 6 notch deactivable

Prices: differences with China

Since its debut, the philosophy of OnePlus has always been to bring high-end products on the plate but with prices that are on average lower than the competition. Over the years, however, this aspect has gradually diminished, although the list prices are always lower. The "disadvantage" is the lack of devaluation and a real street price, unlike the Samsung and Huawei flagships, to say a few examples.

If you want to pay less, though, you can rely on the always thriving Chinese market. This is because, as always happens, prices in China are much lower than those of the European counterpart. Take, for example, the latest models:

  • OnePlus 7
    • 6 / 128 GB: 559 € (EU only)
    • 8 / 256 GB: 609 € (EU) - 391 € (China)
    • 12 / 256 GB: 456 € (China only)
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
    • 6 / 128 GB: 709 € (EU) - 521 € (China)
    • 8 / 256 GB: 759 € (EU) - 586 € (China)
    • 12 / 256 GB: 829 € (EU) - 651 € (China)

xiaomi price

OnePlus offers

In recent months we have launched GizDeals Group. In this Telegram group we help you with your Xiaomi and non-Xiaomi online purchases on eBay, Amazon, GearBest and so on. Here you will find numerous coupons and offers like these in real time, in addition to daily support with advice on what and where to buy. Here's what you can do on GizDeals Group:

  • require coupon for the products that interest you;
  • receive assistance for your purchases from Chinese (and not) stores;
  • benefit from some exclusive offers for the group;
  • receive in preview the most interesting proposals from China;
  • interact with the staff for advice and suggestions.


gizdeals - offers - gearbest - amazon - ebay

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