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If we consider the competitive smartphone market in China, one of the main names that leaps to the mind is without a doubt OPPO. Although not very well known here in Europe, his return to the West has meant that more and more people have begun to learn about the brand. Unlike companies like Xiaomi, Redmi or Honor, whose goal is to keep prices down, OPPO has decided to adopt a more premium philosophy.

Founded in 2001 by Chen Mingyong like Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, is part of the Asian giant BBK Electronics Corporation. Under this company other known companies, such as OnePlus, Vivo e Realme. In the case of OPPO, the company initially distinguished itself in the hi-tech sector by producing blu-ray players e audio products, such as portable headphones and DACs. However, last 2018 OPPO Digital, the branch dedicated to these devices, announced his departure from the market.

oppo digital

Starting from 2008 the company preferred to turn to what at the time was the thriving segment of smartphone. Since then it has managed to establish itself above all in Asia, relying on more than 200.000 stores only in China, selling hundreds of millions of devices and placing itself in the top 5 of mobile manufacturers.

The very first OPPO branded phone responded to the name of Smile Phone, whose name came from the nice finish of the back cover. But the first and true smartphone was theOPPO Finder, launched in 2012 (year of Samsung Galaxy S3) with features prominent for the time. In addition to a thickness of only 6.65 mm, the device had a 4.3 ″ Super AMOLED display and an 8 mega-pixel camera.

Let's go over the history of OPPO smartphones, between records and innovation

Still in the 2012, with the launch of OPPO Ulike 2 one of the targets officially became that of being true Selfie Expert. From then on, engineers placed great importance on the frontal photographic sector, which has always been a cue for the Asian public. At the same time, OPPO Find 5 was the first real top of the range of 2012, with which to establish itself in the circle of the most avant-garde producers, thanks to a Full HD display and a Snapdragon S4 Pro.

For the uninitiated, OPPO has also done a lot for the concept of rotating camera. A feature resumed at half 2019 by some manufacturers like ASUS and Samsung and initially introduced by OPPO N1 ed N3.

Olly, the company's mascot

Like any self-respecting Asian company, OPPO also has its own mascot. Is called Olly, in Italian OPPOlino, and has a humanoid form: not much is known about him, except that he seems a sort of alien. When in doubt, look at this group of Olly struggling with the dance.

Guide to smartphones

Find Series

Even if it has only one model, the most valuable series of the company is the one that includes OPPO Find X. The pioneering smartphone made a lot of talk about itself for a totally retractable photographic sector.

Reno Series

The real main series to date is OPPO Reno, under which several models fall. The base is the standard OPPO Reno model, from which variants with different specifications and features are branched.

R Series

Previously to the Reno, the OPPO R series was the most characteristic of the OPPO catalog. In this family of smartphones we found the most balanced models in terms of technical details and list price.

Serie A

If we talk about the mid-range range, OPPO A includes the set of less expensive terminals, but in any case every now and then with accurate details.

F Series

The OPPO F family has become very well known, especially in Asia, for being the so-called "Selfie Expert". This is thanks to various software features, especially Beauty filters, and sensors with many mega-pixels. All this while maintaining low prices, given the non-high-end chipsets used.

K Series

Probably the least in focus of all, the OPPO K series includes only two models, including the most recent OPPO K3.


As seen with Huawei and Honor before and Xiaomi and Redmi later, OPPO also decided to launch its own sub-brand. His official debut took place in Asia a half 2018, with the initial aim of competing on equal terms in India with Xiaomi. But the brand quickly spread, until it arrived also in Europe at the beginning 2019.

realme logo


In spite of what has been seen in Italy, the Chinese division of OPPO also offers its customers various accessories. Among the products available online and offline we find powerbanks, car and non-car chargers, Bluetooth and wired headsets, protective covers and selfie sticks.


Software and modding

Like almost all mobile manufacturers, OPPO also has a proprietary interface called coloros. Among the various present in circulation, it was one of the most similar to iOS. Fortunately, with the latest declinations there has been a shift towards a more marked identity, although it is not yet one of the most popular. Also because, unlike Xiaomi and OnePlus, modding is a lot poco popular for OPPO smartphones. Who knows if we'll ever see an OPPO smartphone with Android One on board!

OPPO and 20 band: what it is and what it implies

Whenever we talk about smartphones from China, there is always a parenthesis that concerns the support or not of the 20 band. Fortunately, with the merger of Wind and 3 Italy, this parameter took second place. The fact is that, being officially available in Italy, OPPO smartphones have no problem from a connectivity point of view. But if we talk about Asian models, then the subject becomes more complex, given that some support it, others do not. To understand it you will necessarily have to refer to Chinese official website.

lte 4g 20 band

OPPO Italy

After closure of the European store in the middle of 2017, the 30 May 2018 scored the official return di OPPO Italy. For the moment the company has decided to rely on offline and online distribution within some of the electronics chains Italian, such as MediaWorld, Euronics, Expert, Unieuro, Trony and Comet. The same can be said with the telephone operators, including TIM, Wind and 3 Italia.

Nothing to do, however, for the OPPO Store, currently relegated exclusively to China. If we ever see them in Italy it is still too early to say, in the hope that the brand can grow and settle more on our soil.


Assistance and Guarantee

Thanks to the arrival in Italy of OPPO, now even the smartphones sold officially can enjoy a full guarantee. The support offered by the company is very respectable, given that, compared to other brands, it offers a service of home pick-up assistance. This means that, if you have a problem with the smartphone you purchased, OPPO takes care of coming to you to pick it up at home, with a corresponding management call center. On this page find all the necessary information.

Prices: differences with China

As anticipated, the OPPO philosophy is not really suitable for those who want to spend as little as possible. In contrast to many Chinese brands, in fact, OPPO has preferred to focus on the production of more valuable devices. But what are the differences between Italian and Chinese prices? Let's take some significant examples, considering the list figures at the launch in Europe and in China:

  • OPPO Find X
    • 999 € - 5999 yuan (784 €)
  • OPPO Reno 10x Zoom
    • 799 € - 4799 yuan (627 €)
  • OPPO RX17 Pro
    • 599 € - 4299 yuan (561 €)
  • OPPO Reno
    • 499 € - 2999 yuan (392 €)
  • OPPO Reno Z
    • 349 € - 2499 yuan ()
  • OPPO AX7
    • 249 € - 1899 yuan (248 €)

OPPO logo

OPPO offers

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