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One million Moto X preordered in China

In recent weeks, Motorola has officially announced the availability of its devices on the Chinese market, in particular the Moto G, the Moto ...

OnePlus compares the One with the new Moto X, Motorola answers!

In recent days we are witnessing the launch of a huge amount of new smartphones, on the occasion of the IFA 2014 underway in Berlin. OnePlus, with ...

MyPhone promises a customization at the MOTO X level

The small Chinese manufacturer Xiao Chong Technology recently announced its new smartphone, a customizable device called MyPhone. Priced at 1800 ...

HDC X, the MOTO X clone soon on the market!

Motorola MOTO X has attracted the attention of many, many ... it has also attracted the attention of the Chinese company HDC, which has decided to make a clone, the ...

Motorola MOTO DVX (148 €) passes under the eye of the FCC!

The popular Motorola device presented last August, the MOTO X, is no longer alone; in fact, it will be flanked by a low-cost version from ...