The 10 best Android apps for free in the Play Store today

Il Play Store di Google is the official portal for download uses on Android: apps can be free or paid and the latter can be free for a limited period of time (in promotion). Obviously there are various alternatives - as in the case of Huawei's AppGallery, to name an important rival - but all Android smartphones arrive equipped with the Google store. The applications available belong to multiple categories: there are games, app of usefulness, software dedicated to fitness and training, temi, pack of icon and so on and so forth. As pointed out poco above, a good part of these can be downloaded for free, but there are many for a fee that are periodically offered as a discount or even as a gift. You want to know what the best android apps today for free in the Google Play Store and play hard with downloads? Don't worry and read on!

Download the 10 best Android apps of the day, free just for today!

Best free apps

We select for you - daily - the best Android apps free just for today, all available for download via the Play Store by Google. As anticipated at the beginning, developers often offer their creations at a bargain price or for free for a limited period of time (it can be a few days ... or a few hours!). Below you will find the free android apps of the day divided by category: useful, interesting or indispensable apps, related to productivity, apps for tablets, games or themes and icon packs to personalize your smartphone. And yes, all the apps are free, so you won't need to spend anything. Happy download everyone!

Best free apps, April 14th

Best Free Productivity & Utilities Apps, April 14th

Best Free Games, April 14th

Best themes and free icon packs, April 14th

The best apps you can't find in the Play Store

There are also many applications that are not available in the Play Store for one reason or another. Want to know what are the best apps that can't be found in the Google store? Then take a look to our study!

Best free apps and games for iPhone and iPad today, April 14th

free games app iphone ipad

In addition to the Android ecosystem, even the one dedicated to iOS is often full of promotions that allow you to download paid applications without spending a cent. Obviously, as is the case with the Android counterpart, it is Whatsapp e games can be downloaded free for a limited time, available for both iPhone and iPad. Below you will find the links of app of the day: once you click on the name you will be redirected directly to the Apple store and you can download the software on the device you prefer.

How do you download the Play Store?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Play Store application is already preinstalled on board all Android smartphones with Google Play support. Once you have identified the store icon, just click to access it; if it is the first access you will have to log in with the Google account or create a new one.

How to install the Play Store on Huawei?

Your Huawei smartphone does not have the pre-installed Play Store? Then it is one of the latest models, which offer Huawei Mobile Services and AppGallery as the default store for applications. In this case, here you can find our guide on how to install the Play Store and Google services.

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