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In recent months, the artificial intelligences have revolutionized the way we create content, allowing us to automate the creation process to extreme levels. A few words entrusted to one are enough AI to get images created from scratch, long articles or real websites created from scratch. In this overview of ours we will take you to discover some of the most famous artificial intelligences that are all the rage on the web, divided by category.

The revolution of artificial intelligence: a whole new world where contents create themselves

Better AIs

We are sure that all of you will perfectly remember the launch of the first iPhone: a revolutionary device that would soon change forever the way we related to phones that weren't considered smartphones back then. This event was repeated with the web launch of Chat GPT di OpenAI, which has opened a new era in which artificial intelligences will become ever more powerful and will help us in ever greater force in the creation of daily work.

The ones you find listed below are some of the AIs with greater potential, or those that can help you complete tasks that you didn't even think were within your reach. You will be able to create long articles of blogs, generate image from a single textual information, or learn to program with the help of the automated writing of the code.

The best AI for text creation

Better AIs

Chat GPT

How it works: ChatGPT needs no introduction, it is the OpenAI product that started the artificial intelligence revolution. This AI is able to answer any question, drawing from a huge database of information unfortunately stopped in 2021. The possibilities are truly endless, you just need to ask to get a comprehensive answer quickly.

Limitations: knowledge is stopped at 2021 and free servers are often overcrowded and not accessible. Currently the service it is not available in Italy home of a block by the Privacy Guarantor. You can read all the information about it in our study.

Supported devices: ChatGPT can be used via browser on desktop and mobile. A specific browser is not required for correct operation.

How much: The basic version is free, but subscription is available Chat GPT Plus at $20/month which guarantees always available access to servers and the new version GPT-4.

Link: Chat GPT

Microsoft Bing

How it works: Born from Microsoft's investment in OpenAI, the new version of Bing leverages the technology behind ChatGPT to answer questions and solve problems. The peculiarity of the Microsoft chatbot is that it can connect to the internet to carry out searches and return the most up-to-date results, each time quoting the source from which it drew. Bing is powered by GPT-4, the updated version of OpenAI's language model.

Limitations: Microsoft implemented a blocker to prevent Bing responses from "derailing". Currently the chatbot can provide up to 10 responses before forcibly closing the conversation with the user. Unfortunately, the service can only be used via the Edge browser. Removed the limitation of the waiting list.

Supported devices: Bing can be used on desktop through the Edge browser and on mobile with the Bing application.

How much: Bing is free and there do not seem to be any premium subscriptions at the moment.

Link: Bing

Chat by

How it works: it is a real arsenal of tools for Copywriters with a personal assistant with whom you can talk to automatically create new content to publish on your site. provides various templates that are automatically filled in with the information we need, generated independently or via the chatbot.

Limitations: there are no particular limitations to report, other than the availability of additional languages ​​only in the Pro version.

Supported devices: can be used from any web browser, be it desktop or mobile.

How much: The free version is limited, while the Pro version is available at a price of $49/month to remove any kind of limitations imposed by the free version.


Notion AI

How it works: Notion is a digital notepad of sorts that combines elements of a project manager, calendar, file sharing platform, and productivity suite. Thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated into the system, it is possible to create meeting summaries, unwind voice notes or create summaries of long articles that we do not have the time to read in full.

Limitations: no particular limitation to report.

Supported devices: Notion and its AI can be used via web browser, desktop app and mobile app.

How much: Free through April, then $10/month for each user


Better AI for image generation

Better AIs


How it works: Midjourney is one of the most famous AI for generating images via a text prompt. By typing our requests, it is possible to have the artificial intelligence process any image, in any graphic style.

Limitations: everything is managed via bots on a Discord channel and there is no web access. Those who are not used to using the messaging app may have problems using it.

Supported devices: desktop and mobile app via Discord.

How much: There is a free trial period in addition to Premium plans which start at $10/month.

Link: midjourney


How it works: This AI from OpenAI is capable of generating complex artistic images from a single text prompt. Thanks to this tool it is also possible to upload images to be processed or from which the artificial intelligence can take inspiration for the next creation.

Limitations: a credit system is implemented to create the images, one credit is deducted for each new image.

Supported devices: web browser on desktop and mobile.

How much: 15 free trial credits, while a 115 credit pack costs $15.


stable diffusion

How it works: it is an API developed by LAION for creating images from text prompts. In this case we don't have a real service but many webapps that can take advantage of the APIs to create their own image generator.

Limitations: use is subject to third-party apps and waits can be long.

Supported devices: web and mobile via web browser.

How much: Through Hugging Face (a webapp hosting service) it's free

Link: Stable Diffusion 2.1


How it works: This is a real graphics suite powered by artificial intelligence. Thanks to the tools made available by Runway, it is possible to create images starting from a textual indication and modify the photos to your liking thanks to the magic eraser.

Limitations: even in the paid plans, the generation of images is limited to a maximum of 125.

Supported devices: desktop and mobile via web browser.

How much: Runway is free up to 3 projects with 25 generations of images. The Pro plan starts at $12 per user per month.

Link: Runway

Microsoft Designers

How it works: Microsoft offers an image processing suite completely powered by artificial intelligence. It starts from a simple textual idea to get to a real elaboration of a complete graphic project. In Designer it is also possible to add your own images to obtain similar ones, and then publish everything on social networks.

Limitation: There is currently a long waiting list to start using the service.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: Microsoft Designer is free for the beta testing period.

Link: Microsoft Designers

Better AI for video creation

Better AIs

Runway GEN-1

How it works: GEN-1 is a revolutionary technology that can rework video clips into totally different styles that can be chosen via text prompt or by loading a basic image. For example, you can turn a live action clip into a cartoon with a simple text request.

Limitations: This AI is still in the early stages of testing and there is a long waiting list to use it.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: The beta version of GEN-1 is free, but there are no known details on the price of any final version.

Link: Runway GEN-1

How it works: this artificial intelligence is capable of generating videos in 120 different languages ​​using avatars. The system provides a series of 55 different templates that can be customized to create informative videos, tutorials, news videos and commercials. Once the video is created you can add your own branding and design elements.

Limitations: Videos can be exported in a maximum resolution of 1080p.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: Subscription starting at $30/month



How it works: this service provides a procedure guided by artificial intelligence for the creation of an advertising spot for your business. Waymark also gives you access to hundreds of stock content for video and graphics customization.

Limitations: Even with the subscription plan, you can only create 2 videos per month and 5 drafts.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: Subscription starting at $250/month.

Link: Waymark. com

Better AI for creating audio and voice tracks

Better AIs

How it works: within seconds, this artificial intelligence is able to create a human voice for reading textual content. The AI ​​can be trained to faithfully reproduce its own voice or that of a famous person.

Limitations: Created tracks are only available in English in the basic plan.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: basic plan starting from 0.006 cents per second. The Pro version is adapted to the customer.


How it works: this artificial intelligence is able to generate a voice from a text, choosing from a series of basic personalities and tones. also allows you to clone a voice, whether it's your own or that of a famous person, to allow for the reading of texts in a more natural way. Files can be exported in MP3 or WAV.

Limitations: no major limitations to report.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: There is a 5000-word free plan and a $30-a-month Professional plan with 600.000 words a year.


Murf AI

How it works: Murf is a real recording studio powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to create vocal tracks for any type of use. You can choose from over 120 voices in 20 different languages, transforming simple home recordings into real voice-overs. The ability to collaborate as a team on a project is also offered.

Limitations: no major limitations to report.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: There is a free plan with 10 minutes of voice generation, a $19/month basic plan with 24 hours of voice generation, a pro plan with 48 hours of voice generation, and a $59/month enterprise plan with unlimited voice generation .

Link: murf


How it works: This artificial intelligence is able to transform blog article into voice and video, using a set of natural voices in 75 different languages. Artificial intelligence is able to create summaries and then read them aloud, adding subtitles in the case of a video.

Limitations: The free version contains a watermark.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: There is a free version that can create up to 5 minutes of audio per month, while the basic plan goes up to 120 minutes of audio for $8 per month. The standard plan, priced at $28/month, lets you create 180 minutes of audio, while the premium plan up to 600 minutes for $88/month.

Link: flick

Better AI for coding and development

Better AIs


How it works: This is a development assistant in the form of artificial intelligence. Thanks to Blackbox it is possible to speed up the development of applications and websites thanks to the auto-completion of the code we are writing. Over 20 development languages ​​are available, with the ability to turn your questions into code.

Limitations: no major limitations to report.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser.

How much: A free trial is available, while the basic plan starts at $0.59 per week. Higher plans are also available that allow you to get unlimited code auto-completions for $1.19 a week, or a full server for $2 a week.

Link: Blackbox

GitHub Copilot

How it works: Copilot is the virtual assistant of GitHub, the well-known open-source project management portal. Thanks to this artificial intelligence it is possible to easily get help for writing the code, receiving immediate support in case bugs are found in your applications.

Limitations: The project must be imported into GiHub to use Copilot.

Supported devices: desktop via official application.

How much: $10/month for the end user, $19/month for the business version.



How it works: it is a virtual assistant capable of completing the writing of the code that is being developed. Thanks to this artificial intelligence it is possible to reduce the margin of error by making changes to the code simply via a text prompt.

Limitations: development languages ​​available in the web version are only 5.

Supported devices: desktop via web browser, or as a plugin for software development applications such as Visual Studio.

How much: free

Link: Codeium


How it works: also in this case we are dealing with an assistant able to help in writing and completing the development code. This AI can even write completely new code from a simple text prompt.

Limitations: in the free version it is only possible to complete the written code

Supported devices: desktop via web browser, or as a plugin for software development applications such as Visual Studio.

How much: There is a free starter version and a $12/month Pro version with all features unlocked.

Link: tabnine

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