About Us

GizChina.it is a blog focused on technology from China. The site was founded in 2013 and in recent years it has managed to achieve excellent results thanks to a close-knit community and a passionate staff.

The following are the key principles of the activities carried out by the site and our transparency code towards users and partners:

What activities does GizChina carry out?

The non-periodic publishing activity carried out by GizChina it is mainly summarized in:

  • News from the tech world with insights on leaks, rumors and new releases in the sector;
  • Reviews and Focus on the latest or preview products accompanied by video content made on the linked YouTube channel;
  • Publishing of editorials and reflections on the evolution of technology in the world of smartphones, tablets and notebooks;

What is our staff?

Our staff is made up of over ten people, summarized here, who daily discuss how to offer the best content to users with the utmost transparency and discretion as possible in order to highlight the evolution of the sector in an impartial and detached as well as analytical way.

How does GizChina make money?

GizChina covers the costs of maintaining its staff and its activities through:

  • Revenue from ad units viewed by users;
  • the revenues generated from the purchase of the products indicated in the textual content on the site in the form of commission%.

What are the objectives of GizChina?

GizChina aims to increase knowledge in the tech world regarding the Chinese technological universe and not only by always offering a clear, transparent and impartial vision of sector news.

How to collaborate with GizChina?

If you are a brand or company and would like to collaborate with GizChina you can write to us at commercial@gizchina.it describing the collaboration requested and a few brief words on the brand in question.

Where to ship product for reviews, samples or gifts?

Giz Srl, Via Lepanto 137, 80125, Naples

About Giz Srl

Giz Srl is the company that owns GizChina and the network to which it belongs. The company complies with all privacy standards as shown in the our policy. You can contact us at following addresses. The other sites that are currently part of the site family included in the project are:

  • MrDeals.it
  • Lffl.org
  • PlayEden.it
  • GizBlog.it

The registered office of Giz Srl is as follows:

Via Stella 9