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Like any self-respecting proprietary interface, the MIUI di Xiaomi draws strength from the system apps that enrich smartphones. Compared to the stock Android experience, Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that customizes the software experience it offers to its community the most. Whether we're talking about camera and gallery, browser, weather or the launcher itself, these apps are updated almost daily. And when it comes to relevant updates, we talk about them with dedicated articles where we can explain what new features are contained therein.

Precisely for this reason, I have decided to create this page, where you are able to retrieve all the latest updates of the MIUI app by Xiaomi. Below you have a table with all the relevant apps (excluding the more technical ones), thelatest version available and the relative download link. In this way, through this page you will be sure to have the latest version of the apps for your Xiaomi smartphone.a

Last updated: March 2st

Do you have a Xiaomi smartphone? Download the latest version of all apps

Normally, Xiaomi sends an OTA notification to the various smartphones indicating the presence of a new update for the system apps. However, the reason why I created this space is because new versions that are not yet public are often published online, often even well in advance. This is thanks to the Beta program: those who use the latest ROMs are able to extract the APK files of the apps if they have been updated.

That said, since these are APK files sometimes in Beta phase and taken from Chinese ROMs, it is not 100% sure that they work on any Xiaomi, Redmi or smartphone. POCO. Obviously I have no way of telling you because it is not humanly possible for me to try them on all the smartphones in circulation. If the update does not work, you will necessarily have to wait for it to arrive organically via an OTA update from Xiaomi.

List of appVersionDownload
How to get to the Genoa Aquarium in the ancient port6.2.0Download
Always-On Display/Lock screen editor2100.0.0.0-02021423Download
2.17.2079-12051038 (MIUI Pad)Download
App Vault13.20.1Download
5.9.3-11212034 (China)Download
Application Extension Service1.0.004Download
Battery and Performance4.2.00Download
Bokeh2. (Global)Download
Bullet Screen Notification3.0.0.231219Download
Calendar Storage13.0.0.6Download
carrier services4.2.1Download
Content Center6.4.11.2111Download
File ManagerV1-230632Download (China)Download
Gallery3.7.0.6Download (Global)Download
Gallery Editor1. (Global)Download
Game Turbo2.0.1Download
Settings2.9.9.72Download (MIUI Pad)Download (Mi Fold)Download
Input Settings1.0.2309270920Download
Media Viewer2023123002Download
Messages (MIUI China only)
weather15.0.7.1Download (Global)Download
I AI6.123.5.3511Download
Mi AI Call Assistant5.7.1Download
My AI Engine2.0-2024012316Download
Mi AI Translate4.9.0Download
Canvas me0.9.0Download
My Coin2.6.1Download
Mi Community5.2.7Download
I Connect3.1.595.10Download
Drive me1.
My Fitness (Xiaomi Wear)3.25.0Download
We Home7.7.702Download
My Home (Beta)7.3.504Download
Live me5.16.062Download
My Monitor1.1.40Download
We Mover4.2.3Download
Mi Quick Apps Service Framework1.10.7.0Download
I Roam6.5.5Download
Mi Secure Keyboard3.2.7Download
Share me2.21.5Download
2.21.5 (Global)Download
Mi Smart Cardsxnumx.fDownload
We Store3.25.6Download
We Video2022070100Download
Mi Wallpaper3.2.0-ALPHA-01171031Download
Mi Carousel WallpaperV7-G-240109Download
Mint Browser3.9.3Download
Mint Launcher1.1.4.10Download
MIUI Launcher Go2.9.2Download
Network Location Providers6.0.14Download
POCO 2.0 Launcher4.39.14.7578-01311601Download
Quick Ball15.
FM radio10.3.4.1Download
Audio recorder5.0.17.9Download
Screen recorder3.
Security Core Component1.2.0-15-231219Download
1.1.2-15-231110 (MIUI Pad)Download
8.7.3-231209.0.1 (MIUI Pad)Download
Smart Cards Web Extension23.11.22.1Download
Super Wallpapers – EarthALPHA-2.6.561-11211547-ogl-64Download
Super Wallpapers – GeometryALPHA-2.7.561-11211547-volkanDownload
Super Wallpapers – MarsALPHA 2.6.561-11211547-ogl-64Download
Super Wallpapers – MoonALPHA-2.6.557-01211117-oglDownload
Super Wallpapers – SaturnALPHA-2.6.561-11211547-ogl-64Download
Super Wallpapers – Snow MountainALPHA-2.6.561-11211547-ogl-64Download
System Apps Updater24.01.10.786Download
System Features Plug-ins1.2.2-15-240116Download
1.1.8-15-231219 (MIUI Pad)Download
System Helper Service1.0Download
System Security Components2.1.1-20240118.0Download
System Service Plugins9.11.59-240201.0.1Download
System UI20230316.0Download
System UI Plug-ins15.
Remote control6.3.5GDownload
Telephone and Address Book (China only)
Third party app problems4.6Download
Wallpaper & Style13Download
XiaoAi Recommendation1.16.12.1ibBDownload
Xiaomi accountR-
Xiaomi Analytics5.18.0Download
Xiaomi Backup6.5.1.6Download
Xiaomi Bullet Screen Notification3.0.0.231219Download
Xiaomi CameraTools24.01.08.0Download
Xiaomi CarWith2.1.2-20240301Download
Xiaomi Car Connected Service0.5.11-2023122314Download
Xiaomi Cloud Backup1.
Xiaomi Cloud Sync1.
Xiaomi Community4.9.20240123Download
Xiaomi Device Interconnectivity Services (MIUI+)15.01.08.aDownload (Global)Download
Xiaomi Earphones2.0 (240118)Download
Xiaomi Family Guard3.9.12.22Download
Xiaomi Frequent phrases3.5.4Download
Xiaomi Game Center13.4.0.200Download
Xiaomi Game Services0.6.9-BDownload
Xiaomi Games3.5.8Download
Xiaomi GPU Driver Updater1.2.0Download
Xiaomi HomeLayout2.1.0.65Download
Xiaomi Input Settings1.0.2309051646Download
Xiaomi Interconnectivity Services (Cast)
Xiaomi Joyose2.3.15Download
Xiaomi Mall5.17.1.20231206.r1Download
Xiaomi Package Installer5.
Xiaomi Recording Assistant14Download
Xiaomi Search10.0.0.6Download
Xiaomi Service Framework7.0.24-CDownload
Xiaomi scribe1.0.2312051740Download
Xiaomi Services & Feedback14.1.0.1Download
Xiaomi Services Framework6.1.7-GDownload
Xiaomi Speaker2.5.15Download
Xiaomi Themes4.2.3.6Download (Global)Download
Xiaomi Updater8.4.7Download
Xiaomi Wallet6.70.0.4970.2162Download
Wake with Voice5.9.0.3 (Qualcomm)Download (MediaTek)Download
Wallpaper & Style13Download

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