Xiaomi SU7: let's see the interior and how the infotainment works (Video)

xiaomi su7 internal
Credits: Xiaomi

Since it presented its first electric car, Xiaomi SU7 (also in the Max version), the Chinese company has generated quite a stir in the automotive industry. To all intents and purposes, it is the first time that a smartphone manufacturer has attempted a similar undertaking, that is, not collaborating with existing brands such as BMW or Porsche but putting itself at the forefront of creating new generation vehicles. So far we have focused mostly on aesthetics and performance, but this time the focus is on interior and infotainment.

Xiaomi SU7, the functioning of the EV car infotainment system explained

Also thanks to integration with smartphones and proprietary operating system HarmonyOS, between hardware and software, the Xiaomi SU7 electric car is capable of turn on in just 1,49 seconds. Once seated inside what Xiaomi calls Smart Cabin, what immediately catches the eye is undoubtedly the central dashboard. It hosts a large screen from 16,1 ″ 3K in 16:10 powered by Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 8295, a solution that provides high fluidity in interaction with the display.

Given the diagonal available, Xiaomi has thought well of creating a graphic interface that makes the most of the visual space, thus being able take advantage of split-screen to have more apps on the screen, for example by displaying the satellite navigator and the multimedia player on the same screen; the user can both interact with the apps in question and move the various screens to adapt them to their preferred use; Furthermore, synchronization with the mobile world allows you to mirror the apps running on your smartphone.

The central one is not the only screen available to the driver, because there is also a plus in front of him small screen integrated into the dashboard for key information, such as speedometer, remaining range, speed limits and driving modes; in addition there is also a HUD monitors projected onto the windscreen, useful for always keeping an eye on the satellite navigator without distracting yourself from driving.

Although Xiaomi is a company often projected towards technological innovation, to create this Xiaomi SU7 it still chose to go towards usability; even if the screen is touch, you can use themagnetic attack placed on the lower frame to connect a row of physical buttons and expand the possibilities for interaction.

This concerns the front rows, but what is the infotainment system like in the rear seats? Using the back of the seats, the user can choose whether dock a Xiaomi tablet and convert it to one back screen that people can use to enjoy multimedia content independently of the central system.

xiaomi su7 internal
Credits: Xiaomi

Did you know that Xiaomi SU7/SU7 Max she knows how to park herself and avoid moose? This is thanks to the technological capabilities developed by Xiaomi, for an electric car whose marketing details are not yet known but information about which has been leaked price e sale date.

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