Xiaomi 14 Ultra like 14 Pro: it will be made with more valuable materials

xiaomi 14ultra
Credits: Xiaomi

Now that we know that Xiaomi 14Ultra it could arrive within a few days, we can start to take stock to understand what its new features will be. Compared to the already known 14 and 14 Pro models, a top of the "Ultra" range is expected, especially on the photographic front, but obviously the improvements will not end here but we should also find them on the photography front. quality of materials.

There may also be a version of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra with a titanium frame

xiaomi 14ultra
Credits: Weibo

If once the trend in high-end smartphones was to use ceramic, today we can say that its place has been partly taken by titanium. The first was Apple, which started using it starting from the iPhone 14 series, then followed by Samsung with Galaxy S24 Ultra and by Xiaomi, which introduced it with the aforementioned Xiaomi 14 Pro.

And just like for the Pro model, it is rumored that there will also be a variant of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra with a titanium frame, and this means that the strategy will remain different from that adopted by Apple and Samsung, which instead use this materials on all versions of its flagship. On the contrary, not all versions of the Xiaomi top would be equipped with it but one would instead be provided Titanium Edition, probably with larger memories.

After discovering the date of presentation, Xiaomi 14 Ultra is about to make its debut on the market, also in Italian, having a first order technical data sheet.

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