Realme C67 review: the right solution for those with a low budget

realme c67 budget smartphone review

Realme C67 is the first budget phone launched by the company that is breaking records in the smartphone sector; this model, although extremely economical compared to the standards and market trends, comes as the successor to the Realme C55, equally economical smartphone of the previous generation which holds the record in sales in its category.

Realme C67, therefore, is fresh from its global launch in our country: we have already received it for a while, and after having tested it thoroughly we are ready to give you some more information. However, are you sure that such an economical device is right for you? We will answer this and other similar questions below poco.

Realme C67 review

Design and Materials

Il Realme C67 it embodies a modern design that is in step with the times, despite the market share it wants to win. At first glance, it's clear that Realme has made significant progress in refining the design of its C series, and the C67 is an example of this with its slim lines, suns 7.59 mm thick, and a well-balanced weight of 185 grams, all features that contribute not only to improving its elegance, but also its ergonomics and practicality of use.  

realme c67 budget smartphone review

Contrary to expectations, then, the smartphone is robust and free from assembly defects that often characterize cheap devices like it. In terms of colors, Realme offers the C67 in two fascinating color variants: Sunny Oasis and Black Rock. The Sunny Oasis variant is rather particular, and at least looking at it in the photo it seems capable of producing beautiful plays of light on the back cover. The Black Rock variant, like the one I own, opts for more sober finishes, with greater elegance and impactful simplicity. 

realme c67 budget smartphone review

In both variants, which do not differ in materials, the IP54 certification against dust and water splashes; not among the best certifications that could be requested, but it is always nice to find it in this segment. 

The phone includes all the standard ports and buttons you would expect, so on the right the classic volume and power buttons, on the left the SIM tray and at the bottom the USB-C connector, which is flanked by an always welcome 3.5mm jack for wired headphones. There are two speakers, as are the microphones at the top and bottom. The unlocking systems, however, involve the use of a fingerprint on the right side power button; works well, but as usual may not be ideal for lefties. 


Among the most influential aspects in choosing a smartphone, whether cheap or expensive, almost always includes the display, an aspect in which Realme has never given me major disappointments, on the contrary. The Realme C67, with its screen IPS LCD from 6.72 inches, with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels offers a clear and sharp visual experience. 

realme c67 budget smartphone review

One of the standout features of the C67's display is its maximum brightness of 950 nits, quite high for a budget device. Although I haven't had the chance to actually measure them, I can confidently tell you that the brightness level offered ensures perfect readability even under direct sunlight. 

Although, for obvious reasons, I still prefer the AMOLED panels that Realme itself uses on its more expensive models, the C67's IPS LCD panel does a decent job. The display, here, follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and maintains the refresh rate of the screen a 90Hz, without bringing changes or improvements of any kind. 

Also confirmed in this version is the Realme Mini-Capsule, already present in the last generation model and substantially unchanged in terms of efficiency and functionality; for those who don't know, the camera hole turns into a sort of "notification bar" upon receiving one of these, which is shown at the top just like Apple started doing last year with the Dynamic Island .

Hardware and Performance

On the hardware front, although there are some changes compared to last year, we continue to fly low: on board the smartphone, in fact, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 685, 6nm Octa-Core CPU, accompanied by the Adreno 610, 8GB of RAM (with virtual expansion available up to a further 8GB) and 256GB of storage, which remains expandable via MicroSD.

Il Realme C67, speaking honestly, does not impress with performance but finds a balance between efficiency and reliability, always keeping in mind that it is a low-budget device for the user who requires a smartphone for a few basic functions. Let's clarify right away, this smartphone is not compatible with 5G networks, but only 4G.

In daily use, the Realme C67 it behaves positively in classic operations such as web browsing, social media and streaming, without obvious slowdowns: in this type of operations it Snapdragon 685, although not the latest chipset, scales well and is extremely energy-conscious. As for games, obviously, you can easily use titles poco impactful on a graphic level like a Candy Crush or similar, but naturally Asphalt, COD and so on are excluded.

The benchmarks, on the other hand, remind us of the fact that it is a budget device in all respects. The temperature management by the CPU is very good and always remains at tolerable values ​​without ever going off the rails, a feature that obviously also plays in favor of autonomy.


Il Realme C67  arrive with Android 14, the latest version currently available, with the usual Real UI, which you will know very well by now, is one of my personal favorite interfaces, both in terms of functionality and graphics itself. 

From a performance point of view, the Realme UI on this model is always fluid and responsive, despite not being able to count on high-performance hardware: transitions between apps are fluid and multitasking is managed efficiently, without sacrifices. Given the evolutions of recent years, in terms of updates it cannot be ruled out that this C67 will see at least two further major updates as well as 3 years of security patches. For the more technical, however, we can confirm the presence of Widevine L1 DRM, a specification not given poco on an entry level model.


A big step forward compared to last year, however, is seen in the photographic sector, especially numerically speaking. The primary sensor of the Realme C67, in fact, is from 108MP with f/1.75 aperture and integrated 3X digital zoom, all very encouraging numbers to see on board a smartphone whose cost is really less than € 200. The rest of the photographic sector remains a bit in the shadows and features a single 2MP depth lens and an 8MP selfie camera; like last year, this new generation also lacks an ultra-wide lens which, however, I would have appreciated very much.

realme c67 budget smartphone review

The camera's performance in daylight is particularly noteworthy. In good light conditions the R.'s cameraearme C67 It captures images not only in high resolution, but also displays vibrant colors and a balanced dynamic range. As for low-light photography, the C67 defends himself well with night mode that intelligently reduces noise and improves the clarity of shots. Despite presenting some limitations in these contexts, the overall performance is more than satisfactory for a smartphone in this segment.

The video capabilities of the Realme C67 have remained unchanged compared to last year, support for video recording at 1080p at 30 fps is confirmed, with gyro-EIS compatibility for stabilization, a particularly useful function for recording fluid and stable videos on the move. The selfie camera, then, is able to capture clear and natural-looking selfies: it is a versatile camera for everyday use, suitable for video calls and selfies that are not too demanding, with support for 1080p video recording.

In addition to the hardware, what Realme often focuses on is its camera app: like the more expensive models, in fact, the camera app of the Realme C67 boasts a Pro mode for manual control of settings, a street photography mode or more panorama and many others.


The Realme C67 has one on board, despite its small size battery 5000mAh, which essentially remains unchanged compared to the previous generation. 

With moderately heavy use, the phone can easily last more than a full day, with web browsing, social media, music or video streaming, and occasional photography. When it comes to more energy-intensive tasks, such as gaming or continuous streaming on Netflix, battery consumption is more intense and can drop to a day or poco  less. Support for wireless charging remains, but 33W SuperVOOC fast charging remains compatible which allows 0-50% in approximately 30 minutes, and 0-100% in 90 minutes.  

Price and considerations

The Realme C67 comes with a list price of €239 in the 8/256GB version and €219 for the 6/128GB version. On the occasion of the launch, from 6 to 12 February, the company is offering a discounted price for the smartphone which is sold for 199 and 159 euros respectively, a figure definitely not to be missed! Anyway, as of this writing, it street price of the device is already less than 200 euros online, so if you don't manage to grab the introductory offer, know that there are already several advantageous offers online.

For this price it offers a combination of features that satisfy the essential needs of all those people who are not extremely dependent on smartphones; it's true, he may not excel in any particular aspect, but the ratings can only be influenced by the decidedly competitive price. If you are looking for a smartphone at this price, this is certainly among the recommended products. 

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