Microsoft DirectSR: AI at the service of Super Sampling for game resolution

Windows 11
Credits: Canva, Microsoft

Upgrade 29 / 02: Microsoft decided to clarify in advance the nature of the new DirectSR technology, which had misled many. This is not Super Sampling but APIs that facilitate its use. You can find all the information in the article.

Before it became popular with generative chatbots, artificial intelligence also worked great miracles in the video game industry. The DLSS of NVIDIA first, and theFSR by AMD e xess from Intel, have allowed gamers to take advantage of AI to play games at higher resolutions than those available directly through their hardware. Microsoft, now, seems to be intent on bringing similar technology directly into Windows 11.

Microsoft is developing its own DLSS: coming soon to Windows 11

Windows 11
Credit: Tom Warren

With the latest version Dev e Canary di Windows 11 released over the weekend, Microsoft has introduced (although not yet officially) a technology into the operating system Upscaling with artificial intelligence capable of “use AI to make supported games run smoother with improved details".

From the description provided by the OS, it seems very soon too Windows 11 will provide players with a Super Sampling for solving games. Most likely the first to be able to use it will be the games present in the app Xbox and in PC Game Pass, but for more details we will necessarily have to wait for the official announcement from Microsoft.

Update 26/02: Microsoft DirectSR will be presented in March

Microsoft DirectSR
Credit: GDC

/immaApparently the AI ​​of Microsoft which will challenge NVIDIA's DLSS, AMD's FSR and Intel's XeSS will be called DirectSR and will be presented at the end of March. The news was "unofficially" announced on the company's website Game Developers Conference which among its sessions also shows that of the Redmond company dedicated to this new technology.

Microsoft DirectSR, therefore, will be officially presented next 21 March in San Francisco, precisely on the occasion of the GDC: the world's largest video game developer convention.

Update 29/02: Microsoft clarifies DirectSR, it will not be a Super Sampling like the others

Credits: Microsoft

Noting the confusion that has emerged online following the GDC announcement, Microsoft has decided to present the DirectSR clarifying the nature of this new technology. It won't be Super Sampling like them, but rather a new system API which will facilitate the integration of existing third-party technologies and those that will arrive in the future.

Microsoft DirectSR, in fact, was developed in collaboration with AMD, NVIDIA and Intel to facilitate the integration of Windows 11 with FSR, DLSS e xess. However, the complete presentation of the technology, complete with demo, will only arrive later Game Developers Conference of March.

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