iPhone 16 and AI: the microphones will be more advanced, and Siri thanks you

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Upgrade 21 / 02: new details on the iPhone 16 series microphones, you can find them in the article.

Among the innovations planned for the next generation, a significant update is expected iPhone 16 microphones. A change whose purpose would be to improve the user experience of Crab, in view of its strengthening through artificial intelligence. This is stated by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who in his latest post states that "Strengthening Siri's hardware and software features and specifications is key to promoting AI-generated content".

iPhone 16 will have better microphones to make the most of Siri's artificial intelligence

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Credits: Adnkronos

The rumors insist on Apple's use of a LLM language model which will allow you to enhance the capabilities of your voice assistant. By increasing its voice input processing capabilities, the company would be intent on improve microphone quality of iPhone in terms of the relationship between signal and noise, so that Siri gives the best of itself by better understanding what is being asked of it. AAC and Goertek would be responsible for supplying the microphones of the iPhone 16 line, which compared to those of the iPhone 15 series would enjoy 100/150% improved acoustic shock protection and a higher signal/noise ratio for hear the voice more clearly.

Furthermore, one is also mentioned better water resistance by the new microphones, which would thus be less likely to malfunction or be damaged if they came into contact with liquids. For months, there have been rumors that it will be iOS 18 il major update of the turning point on the AI ​​front, after Apple for a long time stayed away from even mentioning the term "artificial intelligence" for its products, preferring instead to talk about "machine learning"; microphones aside, the presence of one is also rumored in support of the AI more powerful NPU.

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