InMotion Climber review: the dual-motor scooter that isn't afraid of climbs

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

With its two 450w motors (and 750w peak), a frame capable of supporting a maximum weight of 130 kg and the ability to climb climbs of up to 36%, theInMotion Climber it is one of the most powerful scooters that can currently be purchased which continues to perfectly follow the brand's philosophy, i.e. producing scooters, motorcycles and electric bikes that stand out for their attention to detail, construction quality and engine power.

We have been trying it for some time and we are ready to tell you all its pros and cons.

InMotion Climber Review: goodbye uphill problems

InMotion Climber video review

Unboxing and editing

As well as practically all electric scooters, also theInMotion Climber it comes out of the package already assembled and, for this reason, the dimensions of the package are rather bulky. All that will need to be done is to weld the handlebar to the vertical structure with four screws, using the mounting kit supplied, mount the stand and recharge the scooter with the power supply that comes out of the package and which has an Italian plug.

Technical features

  • Motor power: 2x450W (brushless type with 750w peak);
  • Maximum speed: 25 km / h;
  • Battery: 533 Wh;
  • Tires: 10 inch;
  • Three travel modes;
  • LED front light;
  • Aluminum alloy frame;
  • Dimensions when open: 116 x 51 x 119,5 cm.

Design and materials

From an aesthetic, design and materials point of view, the first thing that stands out when looking at theInMotion Climber its essentiality is immediately noticeable. The entire structure of the scooter is opaque gray in color, and compared to the vast majority of electric scooters all unnecessary components have been put aside.

The cable management is excellent, which practically hides the vast majority of cables, and the handlebar is of the right size which is always comfortable and stable. The platform is also the right size, and the presence of a whole series of orange inserts makes this scooter elegant but at the same time sporty.

In terms of dimensions, we are average but given the size (it is 116 x 51 x 119,5 cm large) and the weight it is certainly not among the most compact around. In short, if the company had thought of a slightly larger platform, perhaps it would have been a little better.

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

Poco bad though, because the frame is rigid and stable and also thanks to the 10" inner tube wheels when driving theInMotion Climber you immediately have a good feeling of solidity despite the lack of any warning system.

Why not, theInMotion Climber It does not have any shock absorber and this is, in my opinion, the biggest shortcoming of this model: although the wheels do a good job, this scooter tends to suffer a little from impacts resulting from the road surface and I am convinced that if the brand had thought for a solution in this sense, we would probably have talked about a best buy.

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

An LED has been integrated in the front part of the handlebar capable of emitting a decidedly incisive brightness at night, and the locking system is also quite simple to use: opening and closing the scooter is very intuitive, and the mechanism is not only simple to use. but also solid and safe.

In the center of the handlebar there is a display on which you can check all the information relating to the scooter which, yes, can be seen quite well in sunlight, but which is covered by a layer of glossy plastic which suffers a little from reflections.

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

Finally, theInMotion Climber it is not equipped with directional indicators, and this is a lack that is felt especially on city routes, where this detail has now become a necessity.

Motor power

To animate theInMotion Climber, two 450w motors (with 750w peak) positioned in both wheels take care of it. And I'll tell you: this scooter is a piece of cake. In "S" mode, which is the one that the brand recommends only to "professional riders", this scooter is able to reach 0 to 25 km in poco more than 3 seconds. The engines could take it up to 38 km/h but, in Italy, it will be limited to 25 km/h.

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

You will therefore ask yourself what is the point of all this power if the scooter arrives limited, but it is easy to say: thanks to its engines, theInMotion Climber it is capable of managing a maximum load of 130 kg and climbing climbs of 36%. In short, it will take you everywhere without the slightest problem.

The braking system is also excellent. At the rear there is a disc brake while at the front there is an engine brake. The electric brake can be activated automatically if you are going downhill or if you exceed the maximum speed, and although sometimes it might seem too "invasive", it actually does its job well. In a nutshell, you just have to get used to its presence.

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

The torque distribution is good and although it avoids that, especially at the start, the scooter tends to accelerate to the maximum immediately, it is still able to guarantee a good thrust that definitely makes you feel the power of the engine.

There are then 2 modes available: Standard mode (D) and Sport mode (S). The presence of the walk mode is also very welcome: in this way, when you need to push the device, the motor will assist the entire procedure.


As well as all the brand's scooters, also theInMotion Climber it must be activated via the proprietary smartphone app, available for both iPhone and Android. In a nutshell, this is one of the typical applications that have accompanied this type of electric scooter for some time now, which actually does not reserve any particular surprises even with this model.

Through the application we can access some information such as the charge and autonomy in residual Km, as well as the KM traveled and a whole series of data relating to the use of the scooter. It is also possible to keep an eye on recording your driving sessions, or decide to participate in the company's community, whose members share all their driving sessions: for this function, you need to enter the “Moments” section.

To be honest, it is a well-finished application with more features than those generally found in apps of this type, the main problem of the whole InMotion system is that they have not thought of translating the application into other languages. that are not English. Sin.

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

Through the app it is also possible to activate an electronic lock mode, with which the scooter, if touched or moved, will emit an alarm sound and will not activate, and through the settings it is possible to decide whether to allow connection to the device also by other people or block it to the first smartphone used in association.

Battery life

The battery ofInMotion Climber it is a 533 Wh that works at 54 volts and, according to the company, should guarantee a range of around 50 kilometers on a single charge. In my tests however, not worrying too much about energy savings, I managed to get through it poco less than 40. Of course, autonomy is a factor that depends a lot on the type of driving, your weight and the presence of ups and downs, but even if I wasn't able to reach the declared autonomy I don't feel like complaining.

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

However, the charging times are quite long: for a complete charge from 0 to 100% it will take around 9 hours with the charger that comes in the package.

Price and considerations

If you were looking for theInMotion Climber on Amazon, you would find it on sale at a price higher than 1100 euros. Fortunately, however, via the box below you can purchase it directly from official website of the brand, paying 849,00 euros at a discount.

INMOTION Climber review best dual motor dual motor electric scooter

And, you see, in my opinion one of the strong points of this scooter is its versatility. It is a very powerful model, but it is suitable for anyone: both expert and non-expert drivers, both slender and more robust people. Its characteristics together with its robustness, then, make it perfect for city travel even when transporting it on public transport.

The only real drawbacks are the absence of direction indicators and any shock-absorbing system, but it is also true that if the brand had integrated shock absorbers, the overall weight of the scooter would have increased substantially.

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Buy the InMotion Climber at a discount directly from the brand's official website!

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