With this eBay Coupon the more you spend the more you save: how to receive up to €40 discount

EBay coupons

The promo of Valentine's day it's over, but the opportunities continue: eBay has launched a new Coupon with the initiative “the more you spend, the more you save”, with many products at discounted prices. Here's how the promotion works and how to receive a discount of up to €40!

A new eBay Coupon arrives for February, with the "the more you spend, the more you save" promo

EBay coupons
Credits: eBay

eBay's deals never end: periodically the store offers users a discount code valid for certain eligible products (which are always numerous and from different sellers). Since the Valentine's Day Coupon is now over, here's another saving initiative. The Coupon eBay di February comes with the promo “the more you spend, the more you save”: just use the code PSPRFEB24 to obtain a discount based on the expenditure made. Below you will find the available thresholds:

  • 5 € discount on a spend between €50 and €149
  • 10 € discount on a spend between €150 and €299
  • 15 € discount on a spend between €300 and €499
  • 25 € discount on a spend between €500 and €749
  • 40 € discount on a minimum purchase of 800 €

The coupon is valid until 23pm on February 59th and can be used for only one use per user. The maximum discount is €40, but there are also lower (but always welcome) offers: all you have to do is add one or more eligible products to your cart and enter the coupon in the dedicated field. Below you will find the initiative page: If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


🔹 MAX discount €40
🔹 MAX 1 use per user
🔹 Ends February 25th at 23pm

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Up to € 40 discount

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