Not just EV: Xiaomi's plans also include a hybrid car

xiaomi car erev
Credits: ArenaEV

Upgrade 07 / 12: new details are added to Xiaomi's hybrid car, you can find them in the article.

As the announcement of the new series 14 the presentation also seems to be getting closer Xiaomi his first electric car. It will be the result of a publicly announced project in summer 2022 and for the first time a smartphone manufacturer will try its hand at the automotive industry. But even if only one vehicle could be presented at the event, we know that much more is cooking behind the scenes: but if up until now there had been talk of two EV car models, the company is also studying ahybrid car.

Xiaomi is also thinking about creating its first hybrid car

xiaomi ms11 modena electric car

Job offers have appeared on its official Chinese website in which Xiaomi is looking for a team of engineers specialized in the EREV world with at least three years of experience in the sector. The acronym stands for Extended Range Electric Vehicle, and compared to PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) technology it provides a combustion engine used to recharge batteries when they are discharged.

Based on what has been leaked so far, the first Xiaomi MS11 car would be equipped with one battery smaller than expected, especially given the length dimensions that the sedan in question should have. And now there are those who hypothesize that the company has set up housing to accommodate the ICE system (Internal Combustion Engine), the one that uses fossil fuels to recharge the batteries.

The rumors speak of three code names: we already know two of them, that is Modena e LeMans, both electric cars, to which it is now added Kunlun, which would indicate precisely the aforementioned hybrid car. However, it is not yet clear whether Xiaomi will adopt an EREV or PHEV system for this vehicle, but the intention would be to create a more attractive model for another user segment and thus give a boost to sales.

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