Realme GT 5 Pro can be unlocked with your hand, but doubts remain

realme gt 5 pro hand unlock
Credits: Realme

Announced a few hours ago, Realme GT5 Pro is one very promising smartphone, and not only because it is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 from Qualcomm. In fact, among the innovations that have gone a little more quietly, there is also one that does not fail to create controversy: I am referring to the hand recognition, which users can also use to carry out some sort of biometric unlock.

Realme GT5 Pro has hand recognition technology: useful or gimmick?

It's not the first time we've seen something like this: going by memory, the first smartphone to be equipped with such technology was the LG G8 ThinQ (RIP), which with its Hand ID feature used IR and ToF sensors to track the hand and its movements. In the case of Realme GT 5 Pro, however, only one is used 32MP selfie camera, which captures and stores the image of the user's palm.

As visible in the demo video published by Realme, the screen is accessed automatically when the palm is brought closer and then away from it, probably working in synergy with a proximity sensor (perhaps ultrasonic, like those provided by Elliptic Labs). According to Realme, using this unlocking method is safer and faster than facial recognition, thanks also to machine learning with over 10.000 models, capable of withstanding tests with over 10 million cyber attacks.

Like on LG, the Realme smartphone also uses this technology not only in terms of biometric unlocking but also for move around the UI and apps. Squeezing your fingers opens the recent apps screen, moving them sideways you do a lateral swipe, pointing your finger you click, with three fingers still you take a screenshot, turning your hand takes you back to the home page and bringing it close to the screen turns it off, while in apps like TikTok you can use gestures to like videos, save them in favorites and skip them.

As anticipated, it is not an unprecedented innovation as it has already been seen in the past on LG smartphones but also Huawei and Samsung (and certainly other brands that I now forget), and practically always the results have been so disappointing as to convince the companies to cancel it from the model following. We'll see if Realme succeeds where these companies have failed, even if doubts about the actual usefulness and effectiveness of hand tracking remain.

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