OnePlus 12 like OnePlus One? The return of “wood” will disappoint some

oneplus 12 wood

OnePlus 12 has been officially announced, and with it also all the various accessories that complete the kit, including the inevitable protective covers. Here, you remember when it was rumored that the company could celebrate its ten years of activity by creating a version of its new top of the range with materials such as Wood in honor of OnePlus One?

Among the official OnePlus 12 covers there is also one made of "wood"

The rumor turned out to be unfounded but not entirely, because now we discover that the reference was not to the smartphone but to the protective cases. Is called Walnut Texture, and it is a protective cover for OnePlus 12 made with a finish reminiscent of walnut wood, darker than the light wood that characterized OnePlus One.

For wood lovers, however, the one used is a plastic material with a double-layer IML process, which gives a tactile surface similar to the more typically woody one; even visually, OnePlus has tried to recreate that effect, between colors and grains. To add an extra degree of protection, the photo module is secured thanks to the protruding circular ring that surrounds it, so that if it falls it does not come into contact with the floor.

The OnePlus 12 wood-like protective cover costs 149 CNY, equal to approximately €19; alternatively, a carbon fiber style version is available for CNY 199 (€26) and sandstone style at 99 CNY (€13).

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