Here's how many years it will take for the first full-screen iPhone

apple iphone full screen

Although the technology has already been handled for years by companies such as Samsung, ZTE, Nubia and Red Magic, Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), is waiting for the camera below the display is more refined. In Cupertino they have accustomed us to having to wait before a hardware innovation is made available, refraining from the race for specifications typical of Android companies (especially in China). Although there are already smartphones of this type, the so-called Under Display Camera it is anything but free from defects, with self-portraits of lower definition and less sharp details than those taken with traditional sensors.

Apple, we will still have to wait a few years for the first full-screen iPhone

apple iphone 16 pro face id in display

As has been rumored these days, they will be LG Display and LG Innotek to provide Apple with the necessary technology, including FreeForm curved lenses, necessary to reduce optical aberrations but above all to compensate for the lower incoming light due to the obstruction of the screen in front of the camera. Also because it will need to work properly Face ID, lacking a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone unlike the aforementioned Android brands which continue to use it.

LG Display has started the development of its under-display camera, with predictions that speak of an increase in light transmission of 20% in 2023 and 40% in 2024. For some time, it has been rumored that in 2025 the Face ID under the screen will debut on iPhone 17 Pro, while maintaining a hole for the selfie camera; for the first truly full screen iPhone we would have to wait until 2027 with iPhone 19 Pro and then over the entire range starting from iPhone 20 in 2028.

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