BlitzHome BH-CDW1 review: the perfect mini dishwasher for singles and couples  

BlitzHome BH-CDW1

Washing dishes and dishes is certainly not the most fun activity in the world, even less so when you are always in a hurry in an increasingly hectic life. For this reason Blitz Home he thought of a mini dishwasher for singles and couples that can quickly clean plates and cutlery used for lunch and dinner. Model BH-CDW1Furthermore, it has a peculiarity: it does not require direct connection to the pipes. Discover all the features of this particular dishwasher in our review.

BlitzHome BH-CDW1 review

Design and materials

BlitzHome BH-CDW1 it's a dishwasher a front load extremely small in size, perfect for single or couple life. In fact, this type of appliance usually reaches the dimensions of classic washing machines, but for one little house or for a few people a regular dishwasher might definitely be over-kill. For this reason Blitz Home, the famous sub-brand of Blitz dedicated to household appliances, has thought of a device that is very close to the size of a air fryer (42.8 x 43 x 45.8 centimetres, weighing 12 kg), which really takes up poco space in the kitchen.

La dishwasher offers a totally livery Bianca, with black inserts only along the (square) glass inspection porthole and on the touch control panel. The upper front part, in fact, provides a small LED display rectangular showing information about the wash in progress, with i touch buttons for selecting the mode of use, turning it on and off. At the top of the device we find the manual filling system: this dishwasher in fact (despite providing for it) may not be connected directly to running water but can use water stored in an internal tank of approximately 10 liters.

On the back, however, we find the slits for the cooling and breather, the cable for power with Shuko socket, as well as i two pipes for connection to running water and emptying dirty water.

Capacity and washing

BlitzHome BH-CDW1

Once you have chosen the method of use (whether with direct connection or with integrated tank), you must make sure that the drainpipe of the dishwasher is effectively positioned so as not to cause damage to the surrounding environment. If you place the device near the kitchen sink, that may be a good location for the exhaust pipe, but in our case we decided to use one of the big bottles for the now empty office water dispenser. The exhaust pipe is equipped with a small sucker which helps the fixing, but we advise you not to rely too much on it as the jet of water could easily dislodge the grip. So make sure the hose is well placed and that the water cannot escape.

By connecting the hose to therunning water do not have to preparazione: once the supply is opened, the dishwasher will immediately start working and it will be possible to immediately select the washing program. Choosing instead the manual filling, we will have to use the measuring cup from 1.8 liters included in the package to fill the tank: the instruction booklet suggests filling with 2 measuring spoons, but in our case they were needed well 4 before the dishwasher signaled that there was enough water to start the wash.

The package includes some positioners, containers and baskets for plates, glasses and cutlery: although small, this dishwasher can accommodate up to 20 dishes, with a set of glasses and one of cutlery placed in their respective compartments. Filling the entire dishwasher, however, could be inconvenient if you are not particularly skilled at it tetris, so we advise you not to overload it to enjoy better cleaning and superior ease of use.

BlitzHome BH-CDW1

There are five selectable washing modes: Standard, Quick, ECO, Strong e Fruit. The first mode (Standard) is the one that best suits every type of dish, while by selecting Quick we can take advantage of a quick wash of approximately 30 minutes, aided by an equally rapid drying time. The ECO mode, on the other hand, is the slowest and tends to burnsave both energy and water, while Strong is the most expensive but also the most suitable for the removal of more stubborn stains. For those who don't even like washing fruit, the Fruit mode allows you to give a quick rinse to food.

With a power of 900w, this dishwasher uses a 360° spiral spray system from below which tends to remove dirt from plates, glasses and cutlery very easily. THE washings are well executed, especially if you add the detergent in the methods and dosages indicated in the instruction booklet, to avoid creating too much foam and not being able to dry the dishes correctly. At the end of each wash, in fact, the mode Dry It allows to dry the contents of the device at a temperature of 75°, ensuring sterilization to 99.99%.

This dishwasher is also smart and can be connected to your phone via the app Blitz Home su iOS e Android. Setting the dishwasher manually, however, is so simple and immediate that the connection to the smartphone is quite useless and superfluous.

BlitzHome BH-CDW1 review: price and considerations

BlitzHome BH-CDW1

BlitzHome BH-CDW1 it is the perfect solution for those who don't like washing dishes and don't need classic built-in dishwashers which are often too large for small homes inhabited by singles or couples without children. The quick wash is perfect for quickly cleaning plates, glasses and cutlery for lunch and dinner, also thanks to the provision for the detergent that helps make the dishes shine.

The price, however, is not as mini as the dishwasher: it starts from €330.73 on the list, which becomes €257.61 thanks to the ongoing promotion on Banggood (which you can find in the box below). If you hate doing dishes but don't have space for a classic dishwasher (or you want the comfort of such a device even when camping), this product Blitz Home it is absolutely recommended!

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