With this heating thermal blanket you will say goodbye to the cold: today less than €33

Banggood heating thermal blanket
Credits: Banggood

THEwinter is inexorably arriving and temperatures are starting to drop, causing most sensitive to the cold many inconveniences. If you also suffer from the cold and you love staying warm under your favorite blanket, the product that we present on offer today will certainly be right for you: thanks to a discount code, in fact, you can make your own warming thermal blanket for less than 33€!

The Banggood heating thermal blanket on offer: take advantage of the discount code now!

Banggood heating thermal blanket
Credits: Banggood

La warming thermal blanket made by Banggood it is equipped with seven different heating zones powered by a simple one power bank. This particular blanket can also be worn in different ways, just as illustrated in the too our review: lovers of capes they will be able to place this garment on their shoulders, while it can also be used as a sleeveless opening the zips on the back to allow the arms to pass through.

With three different heating intensities from 25, 35 e 45%, this blanket is the ideal companion to face the cold winter days at home, with a very soft padding which will keep you comfortable and warm in every situation. The garment can also be washed in the washing machine, without causing any damage to the built-in heatable grill.

La warming thermal blanket is available on Banggood at the price of €32.18 thanks to the discount code you find below. Shipping, in this case, takes place directly from the Chinese warehouses of the famous online shop and is totally free.

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