Banggood thermal heating blanket review: winter and cold are no longer scary

Heating Thermal Blanket

THEwinter has arrived and with it also the coldest and most bitter temperatures, but this year the cold can be fought in a more intelligent way. There warming thermal blanket produced by Banggood that we present to you today will be the perfect companion at home, thanks to three different temperature settings and 4 modes of use. Find out what makes this heating blanket special in our review!

Thermal heating blanket review

Design and materials

La warming thermal blanket it is made entirely of soft polyester fiber in an elegant shade night blue. The peculiarity of this accessory is its great versatility: thanks to the hinges positioned in strategic areas, this blanket can be used and worn in 4 different ways. For example, you can put it on legs e shoulders like a normal blanket, or wear it as sleeveless or mantle. The accessory, in fact, adapts to every situation without any kind of problem, giving warm warmth to the whole body with 7 heating zones.

Worn, the blanket of Banggood it also turns out particularly stylish, perhaps more suitable for a female audience than a male one, but equally useful for both sexes. On the front there are some buttons to close the blanket well, while the shawl can be adjusted using the appropriate ones limiters. They are also present two pockets, one of which is entirely dedicated to housing the power bank that will power the blanket. The button which instead activates the heating system is positioned near the left pocket, easily reachable when the blanket is worn.

Furthermore, this garment also foresees the possibility that when wearing it it can get dirty and for this reason it can be easily washed also in washing machine once the connector has been closed properly USB with the appropriate waterproof cover.

Use and fit

This warming thermal blanket Banggood it can really be used in all ways: it's available only one size and only one color, so you don't have to rack your brains to choose the right size, but it's clear that people with a more robust build will have great difficulty closing it well with the zippers. In fact, the blanket seems to be made for wrapping smaller builds in shawl and cloak modes, but adapts to every body type when it is simply placed on the shoulders, legs or stomach.

The blanket is equipped with 7 heated zones: four long all the the body, one that extends over the shoulders and two along the area lumbar. In this way the heat emanating from the built-in heating grill always envelops the entire body, without ever bothering the skin since it never actually comes into contact with it. The heating system works via the USB connection to a power bank: for a matter of convenience we recommend using the cylindrical ones with a capacity of at least 5000 mAh, which offer the right combination of design and autonomy.

Once the button is pressed, the heating system activates and also lights up the LED with the selected heating level: light Verde indicates a temperature of 25°, the light blu di 35° is that red di 45°. The three levels are particularly useful for choosing your comfort zone for heat: not everyone, in fact, appreciates a blanket that is too warm and therefore being able to choose to lower the heat to a lower level could let you enjoy the garment you are wearing more. The heat is felt poco in the first level, while in the next two thethermo-heating action of the blanket: the feeling of well-being can vary from person to person, but it is certainly an excellent way to always stay warm.

Thermal heating blanket review: price and considerations

Heating Thermal Blanket

La warming thermal blanket Banggood it is a powerful tool for fighting the cold: its quadruple use mode gives it incredible versatility that ensures you can wear it in any way you can think of. The heating is very noticeable and if you are particularly sensitive to the cold you will immediately notice the difference with other blankets by wearing it. The price, however, is not low: in the list price this particular blanket is offered at €73.49, but thanks to the discount code of Banggood you can make it yours for yourself €32.18.

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