SwitchBot K10+ review: the smallest robot vacuum cleaner in the world

switchbot k10+ robot vacuum cleaner

You will all agree with me when I tell you that robot vacuum cleaners have somewhat revolutionized the lives of all of us, and have now become a essential household appliance, almost like a dishwasher or even the classic hand broom and dustpan. In any case, one of the most recurring problems in this type of device is the size: almost all robot vacuum cleaners, with very few exceptions, have a round shape and a significant diameter, usually between 33 and 46cm.

SwitchBot has understood this problem and recently launched its own solution to this problem on the market: I'm talking about the SwitchBot K10+, currently one of the most compact robot vacuum cleaners on the market, with its just 24,8cm in diameter!

SwitchBot K10+ review

Design and Materials

Ok, if first impressions count, this is it SwitchBot K10+ it is definitely much smaller than the competition: I have tried many of them over the years, and even though I don't have another robot at home to place near it to compare, I can guarantee you that the difference compared to the usual models we are used to is abysmal.

SwitchBot K10+ has dimensions equal to 248x248x92.5mm, that means approximately 15/20 cm less on the diameter compared to the market average of other robots: in practical terms this translates into extreme versatility of use, such as to allow the robot to scan every single remote corner of the house and then, obviously, program its cleaning according to our habits.

switchbot k10+ robot vacuum cleaner

But beyond this aspect, which we will analyze later poco, I can tell you this SwitchBot K10+, apart from its dimensions, it has many similarities with the usual standard robots. On the top emerges a LIDAR turret for a very quick and accurate scan of the house, and next to it just two buttons, one for starting cleaning and the other for returning to base, if we wanted to start a cleaning session without using the smartphone or preset programs.

The top cover on this model is magnetic, and once opened you can easily access the robot's power slider and the small dust collection tank which, once dismantled, also allows you to replace the paper filter present. For the record, a second replacement filter is included in the sales package, as well as a pack of wipes whose usefulness I will explain very shortly.

switchbot k10+ robot vacuum cleaner

In the lower part of the device, however, there is space for two very important and well-built wheels which almost seem oversized on such a small device; anyway SwitchBot K10+ he moves easily around the house without difficulty, he can climb carpets but not climb small steps. It is equipped with a brush for wrapping hair and hair that can be removed and washed if necessary, and another brush at the upper end to collect dirt; the company has also seen fit to include an extra spare part in the sales package for this too.

switchbot k10+ robot vacuum cleaner

Furthermore, as I anticipated, there is also a small pack of wet wipes that can be installed on the lower part thanks to thespecific MOP accessory provided; this is perhaps one of the few compromises that must be made and which must be considered during the purchase phase.

Although conceptually the idea of ​​SwitchBot is good, practically speaking it is not among the best solutions on the market in terms of floor washing, where the technology is already mature and a disposable solution like this can only prove successful in very busy rooms. small and where deep and thorough cleaning is not required. Of course, it is not essential to use the original manufacturer's wipes, which however are advisable due to the almost perfect housing, but basically it is not an economically sustainable solution in the long term, but I appreciate the effort of SwitchBot.

switchbot k10+ robot vacuum cleaner

Logically around the device there are a series of sensors useful for detecting obstacles and to wriggle well in various very narrow spaces; I noticed a certain precision in this SwitchBot K10+ in the various movements, under the chairs, in the legs of the tables and more generally in the places where it is possible to enter only by hand, and perhaps only in rare cases with a manual broom.

The most interesting gem, however, is represented by the charging and self-emptying station: first of all I tell you that it too is one of the most compact on the market and furthermore it is also equipped with a very powerful suction motor which allows you to empty the K10+ dirt tank in just a few seconds. On the other hand, this self-emptying phase is rather noisy, but this is absolutely not a problem in the face of first-class reliability.

Logically it is necessary to use original bags inside the self-emptying station, but the manufacturer ensures one 4L capacity, estimated at approximately 70 days of cleaning necessary before changing the bag. There is a spare one in the package, but if you want to save a few tens of euros, you could certainly consider emptying these bags as best you can to try to reuse them as much as possible, at least until the cardboard fixing system ensures a good grip.

Suction power and cleaning quality

I would be lying to you if I painted this SwitchBot K10+ as the best vacuum cleaner ever, it is clear: however the company did not aspire to this, and the product's technical data sheet certifies that the claims are very different. I'm referring to the suction power of "only" 2500Pa, very different from the 4000 and 5000Pa found in models almost twice as large. Here SwitchBot's prerogative was to create a compact robot, very silent compared to average and with versatility in use: spoiler, she totally succeeded.

The suction power of 2500Pa it is not a limit if we give the robot the opportunity to pass through the same area twice, nor does it represent a limit in a house that is regularly vacuumed and cleaned by one of these domestic helpers. In short, unless you have really dirty surfaces, or maybe you had 30 guests in the house on a rainy day, then this SwitchBot K10+ it will do its job well in almost all scenarios.

As usual, I tested the device on my porcelain stoneware floor with a smooth finish to the touch, black grout between the tiles and dirt based on oregano and coffee. On the first pass, especially with coffee, I saw some hesitation on the part of the SwitchBot K10+ which, due to the front brush, only removed the dust without suctioning it completely; on the second pass, however, it left no residues of either coffee or oregano, synonymous with good cleaning.

When I talk about double or single pass I am referring to the native possibility of setting it when starting the cleaning; in the app we are asked how many times we want to pass through the same area, and we can choose between once and twice. At the end of the cleaning, the robot automatically returns to the charging station and empties itself within about twenty seconds at most: I do not recommend doing this operation while you are sleeping, as the noise is quite loud and you would risk wake up. During the robot's operating mode, however, quite the opposite: SwitchBot K10+ it manages to guarantee a noise level of only 48dB, absolutely nothing when compared with the approximately 70dB produced by competitors.

The matter, then, is a little different for the washing function: he does not envisage a real one, so much so that you can't find any water tanks or a real MOP for washing. In any case, the company here has tried to make up for this lack with a small plastic accessory, which can be installed if necessary, which allows the installation of a wet wipe (original or compatible, with the necessary precautions during assembly) disposable for washing the floor.

This is, obviously, an operation more of a refreshment than a real cleansing, as dirt stains, streaks and stubborn dirt can hardly go away with the passage of a damp cloth; I found it an interesting system for cleaning up any footprints left while walking barefoot or simple marks from damp shoes on a rainy day. Drying in this case is obviously not carried out via the robot and you will have to wait for the normal drying times, but considering the almost dry cleaning, one could say that it is almost instantaneous.

Application for Smartphone

The application is available both on smartphones Android than iOS, and it is the classic of SwitchBot which, in case you have other accessories at home such as Hubs, smart sockets or other, allows you to create a real home automation ecosystem. Beyond this, I can tell you that the SwitchBot K10+ is managed in a rather traditional way by its app.

After the first configuration which requires a few moments of time, we find ourselves in front of the screen that contains the map of our home, with all the rooms, the cleaning scheduling possibilities, the cleaning reports and much more. In short, nothing out of the ordinary. The app, as happens with practically all the latest devices, is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant e Siri with Apple Home to be able to start the cleaning sessions with the voice.


The SwitchBot robot is equipped with a 3200 mAh battery, a little lower than the market average, at least technically, but this was to be expected given the practically halved size. In any case, despite this, its autonomy is notable, enough to allow the cleaning of large environments, up to approximately 100 square metres.

switchbot k10+ robot vacuum cleaner

The autonomy is equal to about an hour and a half, enough time to clean the surface of my house of about 100mXNUMX. If the battery runs out during the operation, the robot automatically returns to its charging station and then, once charged, resumes cleaning from the same point where it was interrupted.

Price and Considerations

SwitchBot K10+ arrives in our country at an official list price of 499 €; thanks to various offers on the official store and on Amazon the device can be purchased for a price discounted net price of around 400 euros, a certainly important figure if you consider that the robot in question is not equipped with floor cleaning functions, but at the same time much more accessible than the products costing more than 1000 euros currently on the market.

In any case, he is the undisputed leader in terms of size: finding a robot vacuum cleaner smaller and more compact than him is currently impossible, and this guarantees the SwitchBot K10+ to get to clean where others can't. In short, this is the robot recommended for very small environments and for those who have downsized everything at home accordingly.

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