OpenAI at risk: employees threaten mass exodus

Credits: Bloomberg

The black clouds hovering above show no sign of unraveling OpenAI, after the leading artificial intelligence company decided to fire the former CEO Sam altman. A move that surprised everyone, both partner companies like Microsoft, not at all happy with the news, and i employees themselves, who immediately demonstrated a certain attachment to mr. Altman, to the point of writing a letter threatening one mass demise which risks putting the existence of the company to the test.

OpenAI's stability is put at risk by mass employee layoffs

In the space of a few hours, the unexpected: first OpenAI loses CEO and president, in their place Mira Murati becomes interim CEO, then the company tries to turn around and bring Sam Altman back to his place, then the stalemate and even theirs hiring in Microsoft partner. It is not yet official, but apparently Altman's request for his reinstatement would not have been accepted, i.e. resignation of the board of directors which initially drove him away from the company.

This is the same request made in the letter signed by 505 of 700 employees, including Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati, Chief Data Scientist Ilya Sutskever and Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap, who now they threaten to leave from the company if the resignation does not take place. “We are unable to work for or with people who lack competence, judgment and care for our mission and our employees“, we read in the letter, which accuses the company of poor management which led to the abrupt resignation of key figures.

"Microsoft has assured us that there are positions for all OpenAI employees at this new subsidiary should we decide to join“, say the signatories, evidently angry at the surprise of having discovered the estrangement of Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. Now the ball passes to the Board of Directors of OpenAI, which perhaps we could already define as "former" as a negative response would risk ruining a company that until a few days ago seemed the most promising in the AI ​​field.

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