Italy, France and Germany: the agreement to regulate AI is born

artificial intelligence

The document seen and reported by Reuters reveals the existence of a agreement between Italy, Germany and France about the regulation of artificial intelligence. For some time, Europe has been studying a method to prevent a possible unchecked development of a sector that is poco time has attracted the attention of the media and the public. A European agreement is still missing, but the fact that three of the main nations are moving in this direction is a first and important step in that direction.

The agreement for artificial intelligence in Europe passes through Italy, France and Germany

Credits: OPPO

The document states support for “mandatory self-regulation through codes of conduct“, although the goal is not to neuter the technology around AI so much as supervise its applications to avoid abuse"the inherent risks lie in the application of AI systems rather than the technology itself".

The request to tech companies to “model cards“, inside which insert “information relevant to understanding the functioning of the model, its capabilities and limitations and will be based on best practices within the developer community".

For the moment there are no sanctions foreseen in case of non-compliance, but since these are preliminary documents it cannot be ruled out that they will be added later, especially in the case of repeated violations over time. At this point, the agreement should speed up the work so that Europe finds a common agreement, in the wake of the various Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act.

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