CMF Watch Pro review: GPS and Bluetooth calls make it a winner

CMF Watch Pro

A bit of a surprise Nothing launched the new sub-brand this summer CMF (Colors, Materials, Finishes), bringing to the market a new smartwatch that tries to make the 1.96″ display its strong point. It is a format that has hardly managed to achieve real success, but in this case CMF Watch Pro it could really win the favor of the public thanks to its countless functions. Find out what makes CMF's first product truly unique in our review!

CMF Watch Pro review

Design and materials

CMF Watch Pro offers a boxy design with a display AMOLED da 1.96" with a resolution from 410 502 pixels x, refresh rate from 60 Hz, a maximum brightness of 600 Nit and mode support always-on. The body of the smartwatch is made entirely of aluminum alloy, while the strap in TPU it attaches to the device via a snap mechanism (a rather inconvenient system to be honest), but it is long enough and with enough notches to really adapt to any type of wrist.

In the center of the right side part of the smartwatch body we find the button with which it is possible activate the display and quickly access the settings, flanked by holes for the integrated speaker. On the back of the Watch Pro (the one that comes into contact with the skin) we find the sensor for detecting vital parameters, slightly raised and rounded compared to the flat base. In this area you can also find the magnetic pins responsible for charging the device, which takes place via the proprietary cable included in the package.

The strap is available in three: diverse colors (grey, black and orange), but we only had the opportunity to test the darkest shade which really goes well with the metallic gray livery that characterizes the body of the smartwatch. The device really is stylish, and you can notice it from small details like the illustration of CMF stylized on the tone-on-tone strap, or from the sales package which is certainly among the most particular we have ever seen.

Hardware and apps

The sensors of CMF Watch Pro it is certainly one of the strongest points of the device: we have it available Integrated GPS (GLONASS/Galileo/QZSS/Beidou), accelerometer, sensor for monitoring the heartbeat and oxygen in the blood, with the ability to also track the stress and sonno. In our test we were able to highlight how the measurements are extremely precise, both in conditions of rest that in those related tophysical activity.

In addition to being a smartwatch, in fact, Watch Pro it is also proposed as fitness tracker making asset tracking available 110 sports disciplines different, such as: swimming (thanks to certification IP68) outdoor running, walking, cycling, trekking, free training, yoga, boxing, football and basketball. The options for tracking are really many and can be selected both directly from the wrist and from the application. On the smartwatch you can choose from your favorite activities, while from the app you can choose all the disciplines compatible with the device.

The application CMF Watch (available on both Android and iOS) is truly created in an impeccable way: the features are well organized and the information is always displayed in a clear and detailed way. The only flaw seems to be the slightly inconsistent Italian translation which in some cases alternates capital letters with lowercase letters in a not too orderly way. Operation, however, is flawless: fromapp it is in fact possible to monitor vital parameters, start new sports activities, and adjust the settings of the device SmartWatch such as notifications to receive, contacts to call directly from your wrist, set alarms, and make calls firmware updates.

Special mention must be made for the Watchface: all extremely in style Nothing e CMF, but which may not meet with everyone's approval. In fact, many are difficult to understand because they are explained in an approximate way: in this case, additional indications or more traditional watchfaces would not have hurt.

Yet another strong point of this device is represented by the possibility of carry out e receive calls straight from your wrist: thanks to speaker e microphone integrated directly into the device, it is possible to communicate directly from the smartwatch without the need to pick up the smartphone to answer the phone call. There quality of speaker and microphone, it is also really surprising: the received sound is crisp and clean, while our interlocutor will understand that we are not speaking directly into the microphone but will still be able to hear our voice without disturbances or interruptions.

Battery and autonomy

CMF Watch Pro It is equipped with a battery 340 mAh with magnetic charging via the classic charger that we have learned to appreciate with all modern smartwatches and smartbands. The declared autonomy is 13 days of normal use e 11 days if all features are activated. During our test, however, we were able to observe how these figures undergo a profound decrease if the mode is active. Always-on display and the option to activate the screen when you rotate your wrist.

Being particularly precise, in fact, the system often detects the wrist movement and therefore activates the screen even when there is no real need. We activated continuous monitoring of all vital parameters, AoD and screen rotation and the autonomy never managed to exceed 5 days. By deactivating the rotation, however, you gain double the autonomy, going up at least to 10 days of use (almost the same as those declared by CMF).

It could therefore be a bugs, easily solved by the developers by lowering the sensitivity with which the rotation of the wrist is detected, but it is right to report the problem.

CMF Watch Pro review: prices and considerations

CMF Watch Pro

CMF Watch Pro it is a smartwatch with rather unusual dimensions: in fact, we hardly realized we were seeing a display of almost any size 2". The first impact on the wrist is certainly uncomfortable, but little by little you get used to it and start to appreciate a wonderful screen AMOLED with AoD support. The GPS integrated certainly gives an extra edge to this device, which can boast a truly inspired design also in the watchfaces, but which may not satisfy all palates.

The price is approx €100 e CMF Watch Pro it's absolutely worth it all: we were particularly skeptical about the size of the screen, but after weeks of use it really became a must being able to see more information directly on your wrist. Unfortunately the product has not yet officially arrived in Italy, but it can be purchased on AliExpress and important in our country without paying shipping costs. The first work of CMF it is absolutely recommended and if you are skeptical about the screen size, try giving it a chance: it might surprise you.

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