CMF Buds Pro review: the TWS full of style with ANC and super battery

CMF Buds Pro

CMF, the new sub-brand of Nothing, arrives on the market offering new products that would not have found space with the main brand. In addition to the Watch Pro that we told you about in recent days in a dedicated review, CMF has also launched headphones on international markets Buds pro than with theirs colore flamboyant and the tech cutting-edge, they present themselves as an alternative series to the more famous brands. Find out all the details on these new ones TWS in our review.

CMF Buds Pro review

Design and materials

That CMF Buds Pro have style to sell you can understand it immediately from the package of sales, among the most particular we have ever seen for this type of product. Made entirely of hard cardboard, the extravagant box obviously includes the TWS, charging cable USB-C and dei rubbers of different sizes to allow the headphones to fit better inside the auricle. The letters are printed on the sides fitting instructions for the first use, complete with QR Code to download the Nothing X app with which the headphones will interface.

The flamboyant Orange colour it's the first thing that catches your eye. In this case it's about love or hate: you love or hate a color like this, it certainly cannot leave you indifferent. In our case it was love at first sight, although the headphones may seem a bit "tamarre” it's always nice to be able to add a little color to devices that on more and more occasions appear black and dull. There charging case circular is made in polycarbonate and plastic ABS, with a shiny metal zipper, one entrance USB-C on the back and a LED status on the front. On the upper part, however, we can appreciate the tone-on-tone CMF logo, while inside there is a small one button circular for pairing-related commands.

The same materials are also used for the headphones that offer a semi in-ear design made famous by Apple's AirPods. In this case, however, you have a terminal available with grommet which helps the headphones sit better inside the ear for “plug” and give an extra push to noise cancellation. If the earphones have a rounded shape, the stem is totally flat to better accommodate the commands and gestures tactile. On the bottom we find two holes for the microphones, while the CMF logo stands out in white on the front part of the stem. The headphones clip in magnetically to the charging case, also quite firmly, while they are certified IP54 for water and dust resistance.

Sound and functionality

CMF Buds Pro

Le CMF Buds Pro are equipped with a driver Dynamic Boost Bass and a diaphragm made of liquid crystal polymers and polyurethane, which provide truly exceptional audio. During our test we were able to see how the songs were always played with crystalline details, While enhanced bass they allow you to totally immerse yourself in your favorite music. Thanks to'equalizer included in the app, it is also possible to adjust the musical performance to your liking, so that even purists can find settings that best suit them.

THEapp, in fact, is certainly one of the strong points of these TWS. Nothing (for iOS and Android), the same application used for the headphones of the famous brand founded by Carl Pei, allows the Customization of almost all aspects and functions related to headphones. Besides being able to obviously update the firmware, via the app it is also possible customize touch controls on both earphones, activate e regular la noise cancellation and enable extra features such as earphone detection when they are worn and the low latency mode (120 ms) perfect for Gaming.

Technology Bluetooth 5.3 BLEIn fact, it allows for very low latency times, with the possibility of also using Fast Pair on Android and Switch Pair on Windows. One of the most surprising features (especially for the price range in which these TWS are offered, which we will talk about later) is the hybrid noise cancellation (ANC) which goes up to 45 dB with a frequency of 5000 Hz.

From the application you can choose the type of aggression with which the ANC will eliminate background noise, choosing between Low, Medium e Alto, While the transparency mode allows you to use noise cancellation while still letting the human voice filter through to hear conversations. L'ANC it works really well and offers great quiet in the noisiest situations, even if in some cases it tends to distort a lot of the original noise: for example during the test we understood that we were exchanging the noise of our colleague eating chips with that of someone rattling marbles in a bag.

The quality of phone calls is also excellent thanks to Ben 6 microphones (three per earphone) which goes hand in hand with the Clear Voice Technology they provide truly clean and crisp audio that our interlocutor will receive perfectly without any type of distortion. The battery life also leaves no room for complaints: the earphones are each equipped with a XNUMXmAh battery 55 mAh, while the charging case accommodates a 460 mAh.

Without ANC, the headphones are able to provide a battery life of approx 10 hours, to which approximately 38 obtainable via the charging case. With ANC active, however, it is inevitable that the figures drop: in this case the headphones can provide autonomy of approximately 5 hours, while the case guarantees others 22. Fortunately, fast charging comes to our aid: with just 10 minutes of charge, the case gains 5 hours of battery life to provide to the headphones.

CMF Buds Pro review: price and considerations

CMF Buds Pro

Headphones CMF Buds Pro they represent an excellent start for the new sub-brand of Nothing, which brings a device to the market incredibly valid at a highly competitive price. There tech used for these TWS is top notch, as are the materials they immediately make it clear that it is a medium/high range device.

These headphones have not yet officially arrived in Italy, but it is possible to bring them to our country thanks to AliExpress. In the price list CMF Buds Pro they are offered for around €70, but thanks to the discount code you find below you can make them yours for yourself €49.32! A really bargain price that we recommend take advantage now, to bring home one of the most surprising products of 2023.

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