Arylic A50 + review: the SMART amplifier you don't expect!

arylic a50 + smart wifi hifi power supply

I found myself talking about the company's products arylic several months ago when I got my hands on products like the S10 e the A30 +, two smart amplifiers, if we want to define them, that I had never heard of and that really made me enjoy.

Today the company has given me the chance to try an improved and more powerful variant, the A50 +, for a few weeks, which brings some renewed and interesting features. I'll tell you.

Arylic announces offers for Black Friday 2023

Credits: Arylic

The most important promotional period of the year has arrived and arylic has launched its offers dedicated to Black Friday 2023: this is an unmissable opportunity to get your hands on the best of the brand's audio solutions, at unmissable prices. The promotion will last until the end of this month and include three discount codes to use to save on certain models. We remind you that all coupons must be used at checkout, before proceeding with the order.

  • Coupon BW30 – this code allows you to receive a 30% discount on S10 WiFi Music Streamer and B50 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier.
  • Coupon BW40 – receive a 40% discount on the purchase of the S50 Pro+ pre-amplifier with an HD DAC card and the RK525 speaker.
  • Coupon BW50 – you can get a 50% discount on SA100 Amplifier and the WBC65 speaker.

Obviously there are many other products that benefit from the discount codes indicated above: just take a look at this page Black Friday offers present in Arylic official website.

For example, the most popular product on the site is the amplifier A50 +: in this case you can use the code BW30 to get one 30% Off. This is a wireless stereo amplifier that supports WiFi, Bluetooth and LAN connectivity. You can connect your speakers to this amplifier and control the sound system directly with your phone, simply by downloading the official app 4 stream.

Arylic A50 + review

Design and Materials

In the following photos you will also see a dimensional comparison with a traditional amplifier, those to which historically audiophiles are fond of and which, in the home environment, are quite successful: having made this premise, I can tell you that among the strengths of this Arylic A50 + we find first and foremost the very compact dimensions of only 120 113 x x 37mm, weighing less than 1kg.

arylic a50 + smart wifi hifi power supply

Let's say, if you have read the review of the previous models, you could totally skip this part because in terms of design we are on the same level. For those who have not read it, however, I can tell you that the frame is made of aluminum, an excellent choice to make the device sturdy and solid: on the front, however, there is a plastic matte behind which a status LED is hidden. and the infrared port useful for the operation of the remote control.

arylic a50 + smart wifi hifi power supply

In the rear part, however, comes the beauty: although of very small size, theArylic A50 + è packed with ports for connection to your audio system and I'll explain in detail which, how, why and so on.

  • Two ports for connecting external antennas, one enhances Bluetooth reception and the other Wi-Fi;
  • One RCA input for connecting a Subwoofer and two RCA inputs (audio only) to connect the Acrylic A50 + to your home amplifier if necessary, adding all the smart features this device is equipped with;
  • Optical audio output for connecting the Arylic amplifier directly to your TV, computer or any other source;
  • RJ45 port to connect to the home network (as an alternative to Wi-Fi);
  • USB port;
  • Terminal block dedicated to the connection of passive speakers to be powered (and amplified) thanks to the on-board board;
  • Input for 24V power supply (the transformer is included in the package).


Le the features that a product like this is equipped with are really countless, especially if you come from old style amps (like me, on the other hand). In order to take advantage of all the smart features for which devices like this are designed, of course, an internet connection is required: after this step, via Wi-Fi or network cable, you need to connect your passive speakers to it and then you can play the audio through practically any source connected to the same network, be it a tablet, a TV, a Macbook and much more.

Some of the services supported directly by the Arylic A50 + control application

Lo stream takes place via Wi-Fi (or Air Play if you use Apple devices), but if you do not have an internet connection you can use the amplifier in a completely traditional way, connected by cable to your TV, PC or Blu Ray player.

As highlighted for the cheaper models in the last review, even on this model there is a delay of about 3 seconds in the audio playback via AirPlay, which is more evident if you want to play videos where the audio is clearly out of sync: however for these types of uses I highly recommend using the device connected via cable (especially via optical output).

Sound quality

I'll be honest: I was stunned when I listened to the audio coming from theArylic A30 + connected to my system Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III in my previous review, with which I had noticed minimal differences compared to my Yamaha professional amplifier or another Technics (to the wise….).

My reaction this time was decidedly more shocking: it is incredible how in such compact dimensions the company is able to condense all the technology necessary to get the most out of my system. Bose 2.1.

arylic a50 + smart wifi hifi power supply

Il level of detail it is really great and, this time even for more experienced users, it is probably one of the best purchases that can be evaluated, even only as an amplifier using 10% of the functions, guaranteed. In environments with poco space or in small TV cabinets a solution like this from Arylic becomes a perfect choice.

arylic a50 + smart wifi hifi power supply

audio channels available are 2x50W @ 4Ω and 2x30W @ 8Ω, the audio decoding it is up to 24Bit / 192kHz and the quality 44.1khz / 16bits; significantly higher values ​​than the models reviewed the last time that put me in front of a truly spatial quality. To be honest, I was most impressed by the high frequencies that are practically perfect, and if I had to be critical I would tell you that the basses are not as round as it happens on mine. Technics (or even the Yamaha, we are there) but they are a bit drier and stiffer. I mean, right?

To overcome this problem, the company offers the purchase of a one-time package of approximately EUR 20 which allows you to unlock more features in terms of equalization (through the app on smartphones you can, in fact, adjust -5 / + 5 only highs and lows, but nothing complete), which you can possibly feel with your hand by equalizing via Windows PC or Mac with many free software (however, know that the 'equalization then you would exploit it only on these sources and not, for example, on PCs, mobile phones or other).

arylic a50 + smart wifi hifi power supply

There is also here a remote control identical to the cheaper models: it works with two AAA batteries and allows us to adjust the equalization (as on the smartphone app), manage the sources, and a few other possibilities.

App on Smartphone

The app that manages everything is called 4Stream and you can find it for free on both Play Store and App Store. Honestly, as already said, it is basic and has a really simple and stripped down interface: it allows us to make the first configuration, adjust some parameters regarding the connection, connect our music platform accounts and poco other.

arylic a50 + smart wifi hifi power supply

Are present many compatible services, starting from Tidal, up to Spotify, Napster, and even some Italian radios including RTL 102.5 and Kiss Kiss. There stream quality is excellent and the app can run in the background without necessarily having to keep it open.

Furthermore, considering the compatibility with UPnP technology, we can play, for example, any music track in FLAC / MP3 / AAC / AAC + / ALAC / APE / WAV format from a home NAS.

Considerations and Price

Arylic A50 + it raises the bar a bit compared to the models I tried previously, but I can guarantee you that the higher cost translates into a much more interesting quality. Choosing this model or the cheaper ones depends exclusively on the power of the passive speakers in your possession: for a stereo system similar to my Bose, for example, this A50 + it is more suitable, but if you have smaller speakers (in terms of Watt we mean, and not in size) then the A30 + model is even more interesting.


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