Too many leaks for Pixel 8: will Google remove production from Vietnam?

google pixel 8

The sensational wave of leaks for Pixel 8 could cost dearly to the Vietnamese factories that have produced the devices in recent years Google. According to an insider, in fact, the Mountain View company would be so angry at the so much information on the new devices that ended up online ahead of time that it would be thinking of moving production to India.

Google is thinking of moving production to India to avoid leaks

The devices of Google have always been particularly prone to leaks, but with Pixel 8 It seems like it really went too far. In the video below, for example, you can even observe a complete unboxing of the new smartphone which will only be officially presented in two days. The US company, obviously, is not happy with the situation and some rumors suggest that the measures taken could concern the entire production line.

Part of the leaks, in fact, have a very specific origin: the factories in Vietnam that produce the devices Google. According to an insider, in fact, Big G is seriously thinking of moving the production in India to try to contain the problem and maintain secrecy on future devices.

It's worth remembering, though, that many leak they cannot in any way concern the factories that physically produce the device: in fact, they have been leaked online numerous images”unofficial", complete with comparisons, commercials and make it clear that they clearly have absolutely nothing to do with the workers. The security issue of the information seems to be much more extensive and Google you would do well to take this into consideration.

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