Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro: prices in Europe revealed here

Xiaomi watch 2 pro
Credits: MysteryLupin (X)

The official presentation date of the new smartwatch from the Chinese company has been revealed but the news doesn't end there. A new leak anticipates once again (and with greater precision) the price di Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, this time both in the standard version and in the variant equipped with LTE connectivity.

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro: a leak anticipates prices in Europe (basic version and LTE variant)

xiaomi watch 2pro
Credits: MysteryLupin (X)

Xiaomi's new wearable will be launched together with the 13T series: the event is set for September 26th and will see the debut of the latest top of the range products from Lei Jun's company. Besides these it will also come Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, a device that aims for new heights: the smartwatch should offer, in fact, Wear OS by Google and take a big step forward compared to the usual MIUI for Watch. Not to mention the presence of Snapdragon W5 +, along with high-performance memories, a large battery and a large screen OLED da 1,43". For all the leaks that have leaked so far you can take a look at this article.

The latest rumors concern the price in Europe: according to what has been leaked, Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro should debut in €269,9. For the version with connectivity LTE you go up to €329,9. Furthermore, it seems that in some markets the starting price will be €249,9 (but the insider does not specify what they will be). Obviously it is good to take everything with due precautions; furthermore, it remains to be seen what the prices will be for Italy.

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