Xiaomi "blocks" Facebook and Snapchat: there is a problem with MIUI

xiaomi miui facebook lite snapchat problems

Do you remember when, a few weeks ago, we discussed the problems of the MIUI di Xiaomi with apps like Telegram? This time the "incriminated" apps (at least according to Xiaomi's UI) are two, namely Facebook Lite e Snapchat. The extremely flexible nature of Android allows users to do without app stores and install any software via APK files, which obviously represents a risk to the safety of the smartphone. To prevent this from becoming a security flaw, Xiaomi has integrated a database of dangerous apps, warning the user if he installs one. But as useful as it is on paper, this tool is proving itself more confusing than useful.

Xiaomi, MIUI warns about the risks of some installed apps: when security becomes a "bug"

xiaomi miui facebook lite snapchat problems
Credits: Xiaomiui

It goes without saying that neither Facebook Lite nor Snapchat contain viruses or malware, both because they come from reputable companies and because if there were any reports on the matter would have already appeared. Also, let's talk about apps regularly downloadable from the Google Play Store, which we remind includes the security system inside Play Protect, responsible for monitoring the presence of any potentially harmful apps.

But then why does MIUI send such warnings? The reason is easy to say: as you can read in the screenshots in question, "This app has been reported by multiple people, we do not recommend installing it“. Xiaomi simply reports that a certain number of people have reported the app as harmful, without going into detail either on what these alleged risks are or on who these people who reported them are.

How many reports are we talking about? And through which platform are these reports made? In the case of Facebook Lite, we are talking about an app that has almost 25 million reviews on the Play Store with an average of 4 stars out of 5, while for Snapchat the reviews rise to 33,5 million with 4,1 stars out of 5. hope is that Xiaomi will review this MIUI tool, giving greater clarity to the user and reviewing (or eliminating) the reporting system if it is not reliable.

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