UGREEN Nexode 300W review: the ultimate charging station

UGREEN Nexode 300W

With the increase of electronic devices in our possession, increases the need to always have a charger at hand capable of restoring the batteries in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the USB-C standard, laptops, smartphones and devices of all kinds can use the same charger, but what if we wanted to have them all charged at the same time? He answered this question UGREEN than with her Nexode 300W offers a charging station for every type of device: find out all the details in our review.

UGREEN Nexode 300W review

Design and materials

UGREEN Nexode 300W

The design of the charger UGREEN Nexode 300W recalls that of a miniature fixed PC case: totally free of edges, with the power supply located on the rear side and the five ports USB-C e USB-A which it is equipped with on the front. Of the rubber feet they hold the magazine securely and prevent it from slipping and getting damaged, while the satin finish shows off all his premium quality avoiding in all ways to retain fingerprints and fingerprints.

The device is extremely elegant with the port USB-A identified by a dark purple color (used as the standard for the USB 3.1 variant, along with cyan), while at each door USB-C the maximum wattage that each output can deliver is highlighted. The logo completes the front part UGREEN, while on the side we find an elegant and stylish logo "300w” which indicates the maximum wattage of the device as well as the model name.

UGREEN Nexode 300W

The magazine, however, is not light at all: performance in reduced form-factors comes at a cost and in this case it comes precisely in the weight. We are definitely not talking about a heavyweight (approx 900 grams), but you will probably do well to choose a position on the desk and leave it there, because often carrying it in backpacks or bags could become quite inconvenient. The exact dimensions of the product are 16.5 x 12.5 x 10.7 centimeters.

Hardware and Performance

UGREEN Nexode 300W

For the Nexode 300W, UGREEN has decided to use only the best technology available on the market: using a double chip at gallium nitride (GaN), the Chinese manufacturer has managed to create a little power gem capable of delivering almost 300w when each device is connected to one of the five available ports. The equipment includes a USB-C output from 140 (USB-C1), two from 100 (USB-C2 and USB-C3), one from 45 (USB-C4), all with Power Delivery 3.1, and finally a USB Type A port capable of delivering up to 22.5.

The combinations of use and energy output vary based on the connected devices, but the first USB-C port, the more powerful one than the others, will always deliver maximum power: 140W. When five different devices are connected, the power output will be as follows: USB-C1 140, USB-C2 65, USB-C3 45, USB-C4 20,USB-A 22.5. The combinations, as previously mentioned, are multiple so we are attaching some practical diagrams created by UGREEN that will help you better understand how to use them.

The performance is simply exceptional: thanks to the port USB-C da 140 you can recharge the battery one MacBook of the latest generation beyond 50% in just 30 minutes, but the most interesting function is certainly that of being able to charge multiple devices simultaneously at the maximum possible speed. Wanting to give a very practical example, thanks to Nexode 300W you can charge your laptop, an iPhone, an Android smartphone and a wearable device such as a smartwatch and obtain maximum charging speed for each device, recharging all the batteries in very little time.

With speeds like that, however, overheating of the device could become a real problem: fortunately, UGREEN has implemented a dissipation system that constantly monitors the temperature of the charger to avoid any type of malfunction due to increasing heat. In our tests, in fact, the device always remained within perfectly acceptable temperatures. Furthermore, the charger is certified flame resistant UL 94, while also offering the protection for the over-voltage, the short circuits and over-current.

UGREEN Nexode 300W review: price and considerations

UGREEN Nexode 300W

UGREEN Nexode 300W it is an absolute quality charger, a definitive charging station for anyone who needs to quickly recharge the batteries of all their electronic devices. The product is positioned in a premium range also with regards to the price: in the list, in fact, Nexode 300W is offered at the price of €269.99. Thanks to the launch promotion, however, it is possible to take advantage of a €70 discount which brings the price down to just €199 until September 18th (make sure you have applied the code on the page to get the discount!).

The price will definitely scare most of the users, but after testing this thoroughly Nexode 300W, it is clear that the price imposed by UGREEN is absolutely justified. This is the ultimate charger: absolutely recommended.

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