Doogee V31 GT Review: the THERMAL CAMERA is the real Killer Feature!

DOOGEE V31 GT rugged smartphone

As much as rugged devices may seem like niche devices poco sought after, the sales data have shown us quite the opposite in recent periods. Personally speaking, from my experience of over a decade, I have rarely felt satisfied with rugged devices, and even less have I found smartphones in this category that presented significant innovations. 

Recently, however, various devices have been falling into my hands Doogee, some of which were not officially launched because they were seen in disguise during the last one IFA in Berlin, and I must say that a lot of things have changed compared to the past. In recent days I talked to you aboutS110, a rather economical model but with a great reason, while today it is the turn of the V31 GT, a significantly more expensive rugged smartphone but certainly with (almost) top-of-the-range hardware. 

Doogee V31 GT review

Design and Materials

The design of the Doogee V31 GT it is imposing, as tradition dictates: a aluminum side frame characterizes the two edges which continue their rubber finishing, as always, in the corners in order to better cushion the impacts to which we will probably subject our smartphone. 

DOOGEE V31 GT rugged smartphone

 Also the back of the phone it is well cared for with a skilful alternation of materials: in the centre, in fact, together with the name of the brand there is a small rectangle made of plastic with an almost knurled finish, and on the sides two carbon fiber inserts which make the smartphone apparently more premium. The whole thing is completed by a circular frame around the rear camera, also made of aluminium, which definitely will not go unnoticed. 

DOOGEE V31 GT rugged smartphone

Il phone follows the conventions of rugged devices, with rubber side edges to resist falls and impacts. The bezels around the display are reduced on the left and right sides, while at the top and bottom we find four stereo speakers for an immersive audio experience. The biometric sensor is placed on the right side along with the volume rocker, while the left side houses a programmable function key, the slot for SIM card and microSD. It is important to note that, although there is a slot for two physical SIMs, only one can be used simultaneously along with the microSD. 

From a resistance point of view, the Doogee V31 GT is certified IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD810H, ensuring solidity and durability. Although it's a little heavy with his 390g, this weight is justified by the robust and refined design, as well as by the large 10.800 mAh battery with which it is equipped. 


The phone screen is a panel from 6.58 inches with Full HD + resolution and a refresh rate up to 120Hz. This is a significant improvement compared to the typical 60 or 90Hz displays usually found on rugged smartphones, even if it does not represent a new entry for Doogee, which had already taken this step forward in some models last year.

DOOGEE V31 GT rugged smartphone

La backlight it's uniform and the colors are finally vivid, although Doogee's software doesn't offer many options for customizing colors or adjusting temperature. One downside is the vibration feedback, which is too firm and loud; this is a feature that Doogee has been carrying with it for years on some models, so it makes me think that perhaps I am among the few who despise this type of touch feedback... who knows! 

Hardware and Performance

Il Doogee V31 GT is powered by the processor Mediatek Dimension 1080 at 6nm, an octa-core with a frequency of up to 2.6GHz. It features 12GB of RAM LPDDR4X, virtually expandable up to 20GB in total, and 256GB of UFS 2.2 storage, expandable up to 2TB via microSD. 

If it weren't for the type of memories installed on board, I would simply tell you that from a hardware point of view it is perfect. Ok, it's true that he officially It costs approximately 500 euros, but for a rugged device specifications of this level are not the order of the day, and I always appreciate with pleasure the efforts of the various manufacturers in implementing higher-end hardware than the average. 

This is to tell you that in concrete terms the Doogee V31 GT delivers top-of-the-class performance without any limitation, neither in games nor in any other scenario. The benchmarks also reported good results, certainly still inferior to smartphones with the same hardware but with significantly more optimized software, but it is still an achievement for brands like Doogee. 

DOOGEE V31 GT rugged smartphone

Furthermore, the company has focused heavily on the new one thermal camera capable of carrying out biological temperature measurements in a range of 30-45 °C and industrial measurements in a range from -15 to + 150 °C with an accuracy of ±0.5℃ in the first case and ±2.0℃ in the second case . Beyond the technicalities, it can be a very useful tool for professionals and, indeed, I have personally realized that it is a feature much sought after by you users who often comment on our videos/articles requesting models that support these technologies. 

The phone also supports 5G networks and offers complete connectivity, including Wi-Fi 6, NFC for payments and L1+L5 dual band GPS.


From a software perspective, the Doogee V31 GT runs Android 13 with security patches updated quite recently. The interface is lightweight and works well, although it lacks some customizations and exclusive features.

The real Achilles' heel of this type of smartphone is represented by the software: over the years the various manufacturers, including Doogee, have been good at releasing updated models on the hardware front, but to date none of these seem to have focused on seriously about the software, in fact always presenting itself with nothing new, and very few gems that give that extra edge that some of these smartphones need to take flight.


Moving on to a more in-depth analysis of the photographic sector of the Doogee V31 GT which comes with a complete photographic configuration, even if the practical reality has reserved us some surprises. The company opted for a prime lens from 50MP, the same sensor Sony IMX766 which we have seen on the S110 and on dozens of other smartphones from Realme, OPPO and so on. This sensor possesses with a wide aperture of f/1.8 with a single rear LED flash. Next to this, we find a lens 24MP Night Vision from Sony and an 8MP tertiary Fusion lens of dubious utility. 

DOOGEE V31 GT rugged smartphone

Le photos captured with the Doogee V31 GT during daylight hours they offer good definition and acceptable quality. However, there is a slight coldness in the colors, which may not satisfy everyone. Despite this, the device manages to capture details quite satisfactorily, doing justice to the subjects of your photos. 

The situation improves significantly when it comes to taking photos at night or in low light conditions. Even without excessive software intervention, the Doogee V31 GT manages to produce more than adequate shots for a device in this category. The Night Vision lens, then, is the usual one already seen in many other models, black and white photos and acceptable quality. The same goes for the 32MP front lens, decent selfies in any scenario and an overall excellent camera. 

As for video recording, the Doogee V31 GT is capable of recording in 4K at 30 fps. While stabilization could be improved, overall image quality is sufficient for most video recording needs. 


Autonomy of the Doogee V31 GT is exceptional thanks to the battery from 10800 mAh. The phone can last up to three and a half days with moderate use and up to two full days even with stressful use. There 66W charging technology Allows you to quickly charge your phone, reaching 50% charge in just 30 minutes and a full charge in poco more than an hour.

Price and Considerations

The list price of Doogee V31 GT is about dollars 529, but it can currently be purchased at a much more interesting price which you can find in the constantly updated box below. For those looking for a rugged smartphone, this device represents an option to take seriously. It offers a well-built design, a solid hardware configuration and that doesn't force you to make compromises. Despite some limitations in the camera and software, the Doogee V31 GT It stands out among the rugged crowd for quite a few aspects, one of which is the exceptional thermal camera it is equipped with (almost exclusively). 

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