ENGWE T14: the futuristic eBike breaks the €400 barrier with Coupon (and EU shipping)

discount code engwe t14 electric bike coupon offer

When we choose a bike we don't just think about price and performance; an eye to aesthetics is always present, because choosing a green vehicle is a bit like choosing a car: it must also be visually striking. It's a electric bicycle devoted to style it is definitely ENGWE T14, which is now in offering with discount code su Geekbuying complete with shipping fromEurope.

ENGWE T14 discount code: how to save on the compact electric bike on offer

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The T14 is a model that, as anticipated, makes design a strong point. It is structure, obviously in aluminum, with polygonal and well-optimized textures, complete with a rear seat where it is possible to place a trunk or any basket. The wheels chosen are instead tires from 14 ″ x 2.125 ″, therefore suitable for the road surface. The bike is also folding.

Moving on to the technical side, we have an engine from 350, which paired with a good battery from 48V / 10Ah, allows you to have a total autonomy of up to 80 km. The brake system is of the mechanical disc type, while for the shock absorbers there is a triple solution. Then there is a 7-speed Shimano gearbox, a mini display to monitor the route, a front LED headlight and a convenient compartment for the smartphone.

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La ENGWE T14 electric bike drops at a super price on Geekbuying, thanks to the new code discount dedicated. This without forgetting the shipment from the store's European warehouses, which allow us to receive it in a short time. To get the indicated price you must pay with PayPal to receive an extra $10 off at checkout! If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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