Blackview MP80 review: the elegant mini PC for work and entertainment

Blackview MP80

Technological evolution has led us to obtain increasingly smaller devices capable of releasing ever greater power. This is exactly the case Blackview MP80 which with its ultra-compact but elegant form-factor, manages to present itself as a valid alternative to classic desktop PCs or office laptops, thanks to its processor Alder lake and RAM LPDRR5: the factor that really seems to make the difference in this device. Discover all the peculiarities and possibilities offered by the new Blackview MP80 in our review!

Blackview MP80 review


Blackview MP80

Over the last few years, mini PCs have managed to get smaller and smaller in size and what we present to you today, Blackview MP80, is certainly among the most compact. The design offers a square form-factor with long sides only 88 millimeters and a thickness of just 37 millimeters, for a weight of 214 grams: picking up this mini PC, you might think that you have just picked up a smartphone that is a little more robust than the others, but in reality it is a complete computer in all its components. The chassis, completely made of plastic, Offers a glossy black finish as regards the sides, while the upper part on which the manufacturer's logo is also engraved is presented with excellent matt finish which makes the device very elegant. To perfect the aesthetics of the product we also find a LED strip which lights up when the PC is running.

On the front we find a slit that simplifies ventilation and cooling, flanked by a simple round power button. Turning the device on the right side we find the three doors USB 3.0, while on the back we have a smaller cooling slot and two doors Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45), the connector for power and the Jack for headphones from 3.5" (both audio output and microphone input). The left side is characterized by the presence of ben 3 HDMI ports which allow simultaneous connection to multiple screens (the maximum resolution per screen is 4K) without the need to purchase external accessories, while on the bottom of the device we find rubber feet that keep the mini PC firmly in place, preventing slipping. To note theassenza of a door USB-C, perhaps the only flaw regarding the equipment of this computer given that more and more devices are exploiting its capabilities.

The internal design, however, could be much more interesting than the external one: thanks to the engineering process carried out by BlackView, in fact, the model MP80 results ultra-quiet even when the CPU is fully loaded. With a noise produced equal to a maximum of 39 decibels, this mini PC can also be placed in very quiet places, without ever really disturbing the surrounding environment. The cooling fan from RPM 3500, however, is not only silent but also extremely functional: the CPU in fact it always is well cooled and during our tests it never seemed to run into the phenomenon of thermal throttling, thanks to the cooling system copper heat pipe of 47.117 cubic millimeters and adissipation area equal to 9800 cubic millimeters.

The compact form-factor allows you to place this mini PC really anywhere without creating particular bulk, but in case you prefer never to have it in front of your eyes for an increasingly minimal environment, in packaging a is included VESA attachment which allows you to install the device directly behind a monitor or TV. In this way, you will have even more space available, transforming your workstation screen into a similar all-in-one.

Hardware and Performance

Blackview MP80 It is equipped with a processor Intel Alder Lake N95 quad-core which offers a base frequency of 3.0 GHz and a maximum boost of 3.4 GHz, but the difference in terms of performance is made by the 16 GB di RAM on LPDDR5 memory that offer greater speed and responsiveness in everyday tasks. The discrete GPU is absent, in fact we only find it available Intel 4K UHD Grapics integrated, while as regards the storage space it is possible to exploit the super speed (500 MB/s writing and 560 MB/s reading) of the memory M2 SSD da 512 GB. The operating system already installed and which only requires initial configuration is Windows 11 Pro (which is already regularly activated with a license).

A sore point, however, is wireless connectivity: the MP80 model, in fact, is equipped with Wi-Fi 5 Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) e Bluetooth 4.2. No new generation Wi-Fi 6 connections therefore, even if the weakest point is certainly the rather dated version of Bluetooth. Overall, however, both chips perform decently: during our tests we did not observe connection interruptions or sudden signal losses.

The tests conducted for this review highlighted this Blackview MP80 the management of all those tasks related to the Office work or al studio. The mini PC, in fact, has no difficulty managing applications such as Word, Excel e Power point, even with large files, or it can also be used for photo editing with Photoshop and video editing with Premiere Pro (but don't expect superlative performance). The absence of the discrete GPU, however, is felt: the management of 3D applications heavier puts this device in serious difficulty, while the Gaming it is totally excluded if not in streaming or in an extremely basic version (as you can also see in the benchmarks above).

Impeccable video playback: the CPU can easily manage the playback of streams even in 4K, allowing this mini PC to position itself on the market with a possible Home media server. To fully test the ability of Blackview MP80, we installed on the mini PC plex, the well-known application that transforms the device into a multimedia server: the result was truly excellent: once the server was shared on the network, MP80 was able to serve up to 4 video streams in 1080p simultaneously on as many devices, without encountering slowdowns and allowing users to move freely on the timeline of the film. With a flow 4K HDR, instead, we had to stop at the two before running into problems encoding. If you are looking for a good mini PC to transform into a home server, therefore, this new product from Blackview could be right for you.

Blackview MP80 Review – Price and considerations

Blackview MP80

Blackview MP80 it is a mini PC with an intriguing design and excellent performance, particularly suitable for all those people who need a computer for working or studying, but don't want to spend too much on a classic laptop or desktop PC. The great ductility of this device also makes it perfect for use as aforklift“, or as a PC to be used as a home server for multimedia entertainment or home automation.

Blackview offers the model MP80 with 16 GB of RAM at the price of €299, which positions the device in a market segment where it seems to have no rivals. Thanks to the discount code on the page and the coupon you find below, you can make this mini PC yours for the price of just €169!

Let's be clear, from this mini PC you will not get performance capable of making you forget the existence of top of the range, but you will be able to easily complete your everyday work without any hitches or slowdowns. The purchase is absolutely recommended!

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