WhatsApp: HD photos for everyone, high definition videos soon too

Credits: Whatsapp

Upgrade 18 / 08: The development of this new feature continues and after the arrival of HD quality photos in the stable version, original quality videos also appear on the beta versions of WhatsApp. Find all the information and news directly in the article.

Whatsapp has finally completed the development of the new one the features that will allow send images and videos in their original quality, without forcing users to resort to other sharing services or settle for images that often lose quality due to the great compression applied by the well-known instant messaging app.

On WhatsApp comes the ability to send photos in their original quality

Send pictures and videos in their original quality with Whatsapp, today it is finally possible at least as far as photographs are concerned. Meta, in fact, has announced that the possibility of selecting the option "HD” when sending photos, to send images with less compression and at their original resolution.

As seen in the various beta versions which have followed one another in the last period, this function will also be available for videos, with the official confirmation coming from Meta. Currently, however, the timing for the introduction of this new feature linked to movies is not yet known, but it shouldn't take too long given theextensive testing phase to which the possibility of sending i was submitted HD video.

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