Powkiddy X12 Pro is the Nintendo Switch-style retro console, for only €31

Powkiddy X12 Pro

Powkiddy is a brand specialized in retro gaming, with affordable portable consoles and full of titles from the past. The more nostalgic will appreciate it a lot while the new followers will certainly find bread for their teeth: Powkiddy X12 Pro is a retro console inspired by Nintendo Switch (by style), with many titles, compact dimensions and a super affordable price thanks to this new flash offer!

Powkiddy X12 Pro: discover the best deals, on a flash offer or with a discount code

Powkiddy X12 Pro

The retro console Powkiddy X12 Pro is equipped with a display HD da 5.1" and a look reminiscent of the famous Nintendo hybrid device. The two side handles house the analogs, the directional cross, a four-button keypad and the other system buttons. Along the lower edge there is space for memory cards, a micro-USB port, a TV input and that mini-jack from 3.5 mm for headphones.

The battery is a unit from 1.800 mAh (for up to 4 hours of battery life) and there's even one on the back camera.

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