A taste of Xiaomi MIX Flip: how the clamshell folding could be

xiaomi mix flip

There has been a lot of talk lately of Xiaomi's next foldable and new models of the 14 series, however there would be another novelty on the way. It would be a device already the protagonist of various advances, between specifications and certifications, that is the mysterious Xiaomi MIX Flip. The first folding shell of the Chinese house should be in the pipeline and a new one image which shows the possible design (in the form of a sketch).

Xiaomi MIX Flip in a new sketch image: here is the possible design of the new folding

xiaomi mix flip

It had been a long time since news of Xiaomi's flip phone had arrived and now here is a couple of new things. The Chinese Insider DigitalChatStation has published a post on Weibo where he teases the Mi Fans, talking about a new clamshell leaflet light and thin. Obviously they have seen a reference to from time to time Xiaomi MIX Flip, a device not yet unveiled by the company.

Furthermore, the leak revealed – in recent days – the existence of a smartphone completely unprecedented, initialed N7 and coming together with Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro. This should also have the model number 2311BPN23C.

xiaomi mix flip

The debut is expected by December 2023 (or at the latest in January next year) but in the meantime sketch images are also popping up. These would be sketches based on information leaked from the production chain, which reveal various details (obviously to be taken with due precautions).

Xiaomi MIX Flip should have one on its side Triple camera main (with a telephoto with zoom 3X), a large external screen and an internal panel with a central punch hole. The technical are uncertain, but it cannot be excluded that it may be a premium product equipped with the future Snapdragon 8 Gen3.

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